Jul 28, 2013

The Muddy Furball

What do you get when you mix light showers, dirt, and an overly active furball?  The answer:  one drenched, muddy, yet very content fur ball!!

While finishing up some yard work during very light showers, Rusty managed to find multiple spots to dig in and within a matter of seconds, yes seconds, he turned into this.  His paws and legs and muzzle magically turned from apricot to black!  Oh the joys of our 4 legged friends.

Thanks for stopping by.


Today's Abundance
-Inquisitive four legged friends
-The joy of owning a dog (well, most days)
-Light showers
-Weeded flower beds
-Morning coffee


Aquarian Bath said...

Your blog looks great.

Janet Bocciardi said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie!!


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