Jun 28, 2013

Super Fun Summer Dress...

When I first started sewing, I made skirts and slacks and dresses for myself.  Many times it was the only way to get something new, something that wasn't handed down.  And even as a teenager and young adult sewing was all about clothes for myself.  

After ignoring the sewing machine for many years I took up sewing again but this time it was making quilts and table runners.  I am still very much into making quilted items.  It's just so satisfying to cut fabric apart and then piece it back together.  My sewing journey has taken on yet another path as I find myself going back to skirts and pants and dresses.  This time though they will be sized for dolls! 

Here's one of my first creations for an 18" doll that will fit the oh so popular American Girl Doll.  This cotton print makes for a super fun summer dress.  It has short sleeves, a gathered skirt below the bodice and the back has a velcro closing.

Here's a side view of the dress.

Here's one of the doll quilts that I have made too.  One lucky girl and her doll are already enjoying this one! 

Stayed tuned for more updates on my new adventure with doll sized clothes and quilts.

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Today's Abundance
-Girls and their dolls
-A drive in the countryside
-Fresh summer fruit and vegetables
-A whole day of sewing

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