Aug 19, 2013

Another Quilt Top Finished

It's always good to finish the piecing on a quilt top.  This full-sized quilt top is the Easy Hex pattern from Gudrun Erla's (G.E. Designs) Big Blocks Big Style book.  Gudrun was the guest designer at Quilt Cove's 2012 Fall Retreat and that is where I started this top. 

How I ever managed to get Rusty to pose so nicely in front of the quilt is beyond me.  I think it was simply my lucky day!

Now that that the quilt top is done, the next step is to get it quilted and bound.  Given that it is going to be in the 90's the next few days with high humidity I guess I won't have to worry about getting it done right away!  But that snow will be flying before we know it!

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Today's Abundance
-Our 4 legged friends and furballs
-Pinks and greens
-Finished quilt tops
-Gudrun of G.E. Designs - one of my favorite designers
-Quilt Cove - on of my most favorite quilt shops

Aug 17, 2013

Cathedral Windows Tablerunner

I'm hooked on Cathedral Windows after volunteering to do a 10 minute demo for the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild.  There are so many fun things to do with them.

Accurate pressing and folding is the key to a successful Catheral Window.  Here's one of the blocks.

And here's the finished 10 x 20 Cathedral Window Table Runner/Topper made from 30s Reproduction Fabrics.

I'll be posting more Cathedral Window projects in the near future!

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Today's Abundance
-Cathedral Windows blocks
-30s Reproduction Fabric
-Newly painted trim on the house...yeah me!
-Continued awesome summer these 70's and 80s
-Low key weekend in the works

Jul 28, 2013

The Muddy Furball

What do you get when you mix light showers, dirt, and an overly active furball?  The answer:  one drenched, muddy, yet very content fur ball!!

While finishing up some yard work during very light showers, Rusty managed to find multiple spots to dig in and within a matter of seconds, yes seconds, he turned into this.  His paws and legs and muzzle magically turned from apricot to black!  Oh the joys of our 4 legged friends.

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Today's Abundance
-Inquisitive four legged friends
-The joy of owning a dog (well, most days)
-Light showers
-Weeded flower beds
-Morning coffee

Jul 11, 2013

Everything Goes Aqua

Christmas in July has its kickoff today on Etsy and runs through July 21.  Etsy treasuries featuring shop items that are on sale are in abundance.  Here is one that features all good things in aqua curated by Kimberly of ATinyForest, including one of my table runners.

Each shop has their own sale offerings.  My offering is 10% off anything purchased now through July 21 or any custom order purchased during that time.  Just use coupon code CIJ10 during checkout to automatically receive 10% off.

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Today's Abundance
-Christmas in July
-All things Aqua
-Etsy Treasuries
-Morning Coffee
-The Creative Gene

Jul 10, 2013

Christmas in July Sales on Etsy - Microwave Bowl Potholders!

It's July and that means Christmas in July sales abound in brick and mortar stores and on online venues including Etsy.  My Christmas in July sale is 10% off anything in my Etsy store or any custom order made and paid for during the sale.  Just enter code CIJ10 at checkout time to receive the discount.  The discount is good through July 21st.

I have added some Microwave Bowl Potholders to my store today.  These make for great gifts for hostesses, teachers, coaches, college bound students, guys, bachelors, family members, and yes, even for yourself!  Microwave Bowl Potholders are great for warming up soup, making oatmeal, heating up leftovers.  All you do is to fill your bowl, put the bowl in the potholder, and then put it in the microwave.  It makes it much easier on the hands when removing your bowl from the microwave.

Here's one that has a maroon and gold chevron design on both sides - the colors are similar to the Minnesota Golden Gopher colors.

And this one has a purple and gold chevron design on one side and a solid purple on the other.  The colors are similar to those of the Minnesota Vikings.
And this gold, green, and white chevron design (with a solid green on the the other side) are similar to those of the Green Bay Packers colors.

I have more available and will be listing them over the next couple of days.  And if you're a sewer, you'll find a pattern to make these yourself in my Etsy store too.

Remember, use CIJ10 to receive your 10% discount.  It's never to early to start your gift shopping for the holidays!

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Today's Abundance
-A beautiful summer day - not too hot, not too humid
-Text messaging - a great way of keeping in touch
-Freshly mowed grass
-Blooming Tiger Lilies

Jul 9, 2013

Trail's End Table Runner or Wall Hanging

At the June Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild meeting I had the good fortune of winning one of the Two-Bit Bags.  It contained a half dozen fat quarters from Moda's Trail's End collection by Holly Taylor.  So, after some fussy cutting, some piecing, some quilting, and the binding this is the end result:

Now, should I use it as a table runner or as a wall hanging?

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Today's Abundance
-Fall colors and fall leaves
-Fat quarters
-Two-Bit Bags

Jul 6, 2013

Blue Red and Yellow Table Runner Or Placemat

Yeah!  One more project completed!  This time it is a table runner ... or you can use it for a placemat!  Either way this blue, red, and yellow fabric is certainly festive.  There are 3 coordinating fabrics in this top - the floral fabric, the striped fabric, and the tone on tone fabric.  The back is a 4th fabric that also coordinates with the top.

One of the benefits of attending monthly club meetings at my local quilt shop, Quilt Cove, is that we receive a free pattern each month.  For this table topper I used a pattern designed by Sherri Falls of This & That that we received a couple of months ago.

This is also the first binding that I used the "Elmer's Method" to help secure the binding before I machine stitched it down.  A big thank you to Mary of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild for demonstrating how to do this at our last meeting.

The fresh daisies are from my flower garden.  Daisies are one of my most favorite flowers so I really do enjoy them when they are in bloom every summer.

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Today's Abundance
- Fun summer blue, red, yellow fabrics
- Free patterns
- Christmas in July sale (it starts on Thursday so stay tuned for more info)
- Daisies in full bloom
- Elmer's Glue

Jul 2, 2013

Red and Black Outfit for American Girl Doll

I've spent some more time in the sewing room working on clothes for American Girl and other 18" dolls. This time I worked on a 3 piece outfit in red and black.  The top has sleeves, the pants are below the knees with cuffs, and the third piece is a short vest. The pants have an elasticized waist and the top has a velcro closing in the back so it can easily be put on and taken off.

Next up is a blouse, skirt, and hat!

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Today's Abundance
- Red and black
- Daisies
- A low-key day
- Fresh spinach salad
- Raspberries

Jun 28, 2013

Super Fun Summer Dress...

When I first started sewing, I made skirts and slacks and dresses for myself.  Many times it was the only way to get something new, something that wasn't handed down.  And even as a teenager and young adult sewing was all about clothes for myself.  

After ignoring the sewing machine for many years I took up sewing again but this time it was making quilts and table runners.  I am still very much into making quilted items.  It's just so satisfying to cut fabric apart and then piece it back together.  My sewing journey has taken on yet another path as I find myself going back to skirts and pants and dresses.  This time though they will be sized for dolls! 

Here's one of my first creations for an 18" doll that will fit the oh so popular American Girl Doll.  This cotton print makes for a super fun summer dress.  It has short sleeves, a gathered skirt below the bodice and the back has a velcro closing.

Here's a side view of the dress.

Here's one of the doll quilts that I have made too.  One lucky girl and her doll are already enjoying this one! 

Stayed tuned for more updates on my new adventure with doll sized clothes and quilts.

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Today's Abundance
-Girls and their dolls
-A drive in the countryside
-Fresh summer fruit and vegetables
-A whole day of sewing

May 25, 2013

Black and White Mystery Quilt

I've been on a blogging hiatus for the past few months!  Every once in awhile it is good to step away, take a breather, and then reemerge with renewed energy and direction.  So here goes....

Today I'm going to show you one of my quilts that I recently finished .  A little over a year ago I started  a 12 part Mystery Quilt series at The Quilt Cove, my local quilt shop.  The mystery quilt was designed by This & That.

I've always wanted to do a Black and White quilt so for this endeavor I decided to "shop from my stash" and use some of those black and white fabrics that I've been collecting.

In this photo, the center set of blocks have been pieced and sewn together.  The outer blocks have been pieced but not yet sewn to the center set of blocks.

Here's a photo of the completed top.  Can you find the paws, the mice, the polka dots, or the words?

It is quilted and bound!  I used a variegated thread in shades of white, grey, and black for the quilting.  Since this photo was taken outdoors (instead of indoors like the other two) the black and the white are really pronounced!

Making a Black and White Quilt has now been crossed off the Bucket List!

Mystery quilts are always fun to do as you never know what the finished product will look like.  The anticipation builds throughout the process and, for the most part, I have not been disappointed with the results!

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Today's Abundance
-Marigolds and geraniums have been purchased - they just need to be planted
-A walk in the park
-Sewing time
-Getting ready for upcoming garage sale - yeah for getting rid of stuff no longer being used
-Blogging time


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