Jun 29, 2012

The Day Lilies

The day lilies are in full bloom!  Here are two new ones that I planted this spring.

I especially love this deep purple lily accented with yellow - although this photo just does not do the flower justice.  Can you see the yellow pollen on the petals?

And then there is light peach colored lily with the yellow and green center.

Remember to take time each day to smell the flowers!

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Today's Abundance
- Day Lilies of all colors
- Flowers of all kinds
- More wallpaper removed
- New product photographed and listed on Etsy
- I keep thinking it is Saturday but it is only Friday - that's goodness as I have more time to do more things!

Jun 28, 2012

Time for Another Card

I found time to make and photograph another card!  Yeah for me!

This monochromatic card features the "Sunny Side of Life" stamp set from a•muse studio.  The greeting is from the "Thoughts and Prayers" stamp set from the Angel Company which unfortunately is no longer in business - you can, though, find many of their stamps available at Red Rubber Designs.

I cut the top layer into thirds, wrapped each in Baker's Twine and then used foam tape to adhere to the card.  The brown middle layer frames each of the panels in the overall image!  

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Today's Abundance
- Time to play with paper, ink, and camera
- Baker's Twine (although Scrappers Floss is still my favorite)
- Monochromatic Cards
- A drop in humidity today
- A working mouse after Rusty thought he could use it as a chew toy

Jun 25, 2012

Pixie Love and Fairy Wishes

I am having so much fun making these 3 x 3 mini note cards!

The stamps are from a set called Fairy Wishes from The Angel Company which, unfortunately, is no longer in business.  The little girl with butterfly wings and a flower in her hand are oh so cute.  And the saying - Pixie Love and Fairy Wishes - well, that is simply superb.

I made a set using kraft cardstock and Burnt Umber Pallete ink.

And another set with Violet Palatte ink on Bazzill Smoothie cardstock.

These 3 x 3 mini note cards are such a great addition to gifts.  I also call them Lunch Bag Love Notes because you can easily write a short love note or a note of encouragement and tuck them in a lunch, briefcase, laptop bag, or tote for your family members - adults and kids alike - for a nice surprise during a hectic day!

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Today's Abundance
-Palette Ink
-Bazzill Smoothie Cardstock
-Time to update my blog

Jun 23, 2012

It's A Plane...

It's been awhile since I made a card and managed to take a picture of it before it went in the mail.  Supplies included kraft and red cardstock, baker's twine, and a stamped image colored with copics.  I used my pinking blade from my sewing tools to cut the layers.  This vintage airplane and the "Happy Travels" greeting is a favorite of mine.

Happy travels to you too as you enjoy your summer vacations.

Thanks for stopping by.


Today's Abundance
- Card making time
- Daisies
- Freshly stained fence (well, at least half of it is done)
- A tired puppy
- Day lilies in full bloom


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