Jun 28, 2012

Time for Another Card

I found time to make and photograph another card!  Yeah for me!

This monochromatic card features the "Sunny Side of Life" stamp set from a•muse studio.  The greeting is from the "Thoughts and Prayers" stamp set from the Angel Company which unfortunately is no longer in business - you can, though, find many of their stamps available at Red Rubber Designs.

I cut the top layer into thirds, wrapped each in Baker's Twine and then used foam tape to adhere to the card.  The brown middle layer frames each of the panels in the overall image!  

Thanks for stopping by.


Today's Abundance
- Time to play with paper, ink, and camera
- Baker's Twine (although Scrappers Floss is still my favorite)
- Monochromatic Cards
- A drop in humidity today
- A working mouse after Rusty thought he could use it as a chew toy

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