Jun 25, 2012

Pixie Love and Fairy Wishes

I am having so much fun making these 3 x 3 mini note cards!

The stamps are from a set called Fairy Wishes from The Angel Company which, unfortunately, is no longer in business.  The little girl with butterfly wings and a flower in her hand are oh so cute.  And the saying - Pixie Love and Fairy Wishes - well, that is simply superb.

I made a set using kraft cardstock and Burnt Umber Pallete ink.

And another set with Violet Palatte ink on Bazzill Smoothie cardstock.

These 3 x 3 mini note cards are such a great addition to gifts.  I also call them Lunch Bag Love Notes because you can easily write a short love note or a note of encouragement and tuck them in a lunch, briefcase, laptop bag, or tote for your family members - adults and kids alike - for a nice surprise during a hectic day!

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Today's Abundance
-Palette Ink
-Bazzill Smoothie Cardstock
-Time to update my blog

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