Nov 12, 2011

Easy Peasy BNS (Buy and Stay) Round 3

Definition of Easy-Peasy: adjective meaning very easy

Definition of BNS
-Buy and Stay
-In Etsy Treasuryland, this means the 16 shops that are featured, stay in the treasury during the entire round of buying

Shopping Begins: The 3rd Round of the EasyPeasy BNS will be open for purchases the morning of Sunday November 13 at 8:00 CST.

The rules: Minimum buy is $4 (after any discounts and before shipping). You can buy anything in these 16 shops to qualify. The 1st 15 buyers will be featured in the EasyPeasy BNS Round 4 that starts Sunday November 20. When you make a purchase, leave a comment IN CAPS (so it catches my attention), with your Shop Name, the shop you bought from, what you bought, and the ETSY transaction id. (Leave the comment in the treasury comments, not here.) That's it! Simply Easy Peasy!

You will find the EasyPeasy BNS Round  4 here !

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Today's Abundance
-An awesome day at the craft show
-Today's mild weather
-A terrific sister
-Rice pudding
-A quiet evening

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