Oct 29, 2011

I've Been Busy!!

This stack of Microwave Bowl Potholders says everything!  This was the "before" pile - that is before I went to today's craft show.  The stack is significantly smaller now.  So it is back to the sewing room to replenish the supply for next week's show.

Here is the description I use for my ETSY listings:

Warming up some soup? Making oatmeal? Having some leftovers for lunch or dinner? Are you tired of wrestling those hot bowls/containers from the microwave? Here's a new kind of microwave potholder - a Microwave Bowl Holder that will make this task much easier on the hands!.

This Microwave Bowl Potholder has two layers of of a special Microwave 100% cotton batting on the inside and 100% cotton coordinating fabric on the outside.  Just nestle your bowl/container inside the potholder, put both in the microwave, and easily remove when your food is done without getting your fingers hot.

Like ice cream but would prefer not to get cold hands while eating? Just put the bowl of ice cream (or perhaps the ice cream container itself) in the bowl and enjoy your ice cream without get chilly fingers!

These make great gifts for everyone on your list!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Today's Abundance
-Microwave Bowl Potholders
-Another good craft show
-A nice fall day (unlike the snowy northeast)
-Fabric, thread, and sewing machine
-A sleeping puppy cuddled up beside me


rkbsnana said...

How ingenious. By the way, I just commented there are not many Rita's nowadays. Rita

Seleise said...

what a super idea!!!


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