Sep 5, 2011

Reindeer Kisses

It's Labor Day 2011!  The weather outside has a hint of fall in it.  The temps are only in the 60's.  It is a day for long sleeves; the short ones just won't do!  The last couple of evenings have been chilly enough to require a light jacket.  And in the last 2 days I've seen and heard a flock of geese overhead - the are getting ready for the flights to warmer weather.  The transition from summer into fall, and then fall itself, is my favorite time of the year!

And after fall, comes winter, snow, holidays, celebrations, gift giving, and the annual ritual of sending out cards.  And I do  believe this cooler weather has nudged the creative juices to think that way too!  I pulled out my Cricut, loooked through my cartridges and stamps, and this is the result!

 I used the Winter Wonderland Cricut Cartridge, Christmas Memories and Background Soup stamp sets (The Angel Company), Tim Holtz's Kraft Resist Paper, kraft and brown card stock, red scrappers floss, and a red pearl.

And not only did I make 1 card, but I made a total of 10!

And may the end of your summer bring you good memories and the upcoming fall season bring you abundant blessings!

Thanks for stopping by...


Today's Abundance
-The sight of geese flying through the air
-Cool air, perfect for trimming those bushes outside
-The Cricut
-A decluttered craft room - oh the stuff that went in the garbage, that has sold, and that is waiting to be sold
-Open windows and neighborhood noises


Janet Bocciardi said...

Love your cards! How sweet.

I am in the process of cleaning up my studio, too. I keep stopping and wanting to create, but I've told myself - no creating until my desk is completely cleared off, no stacks on the floor, everything in its place or gone. Thanks!! said...

I too cleaned out my craft space and was able to create! I love the look of these cards, nice job as uaual

StampinCarol said...

These are wonderful! I need to play with my Cricut... been gathering dust.

Kim said...

Great Cards Rita! I haven't used my Cricut in a few months.... Mines dusty too!


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