Aug 28, 2011

So Long, Goodbye, Farewell...

For the last year and a half Shirley Hotop and I have been co-hosting blog hops for PaperWings, an online forum for demonstrators from The Angel Company that is run by the demonstrators themselves.

Sadly, The Angel Company announced last week that they were going out of business. Since then the days have been filled with disbelief, tears, denial, disorientation, acceptance, and all of those other feelings triggered with a  major loss.

The Angel Company, along with owners Mischelle and Kevin Smith, have been like an extended family to many of us. We've laughed together, cried together, celebrated together, and I suppose, even at times we've been mad at each other.   But overall we've been a group of creative beings that were drawn to The Angel Company because of the heart and soul that Mischelle poured into it year after year. As many have said, her dreams became our dreams.

Rather than dwelling on our shattered dreams today, Shirley and I decided that we really needed to celebrate The Angel Company and Mischelle by hosting one last Paperwings Blog Hop. We have a tremendous turnout; so grab a few (well, maybe a lot of)  Kleenexes, get comfortable, and be prepared to take a celebratory trip down memory lane! 

Cuddly Pug was (and still is) one of my favorite stamps. It also has a special place in my heart because it was my first card that was published in a magazine (Simply Sentiments, June/July 2006).

This Tiger Card was one of my first Angel Company Contest Winners.  The reward -  free stamps, lots of free stamps!!

And imagine my surprise when another of my contest entries ended up on The Angel Company's Home Page in August 2009!  What a thrill!  I had so much fun making this Back-to-School paper backpack and little Mini Albums  for Writing, Reading, and Arithmetic that used the Lilly Anna paper collection.

And since Halloween is coming up, here's Delightfully Spooky!

And last but not least is One of A Kind.  And I think the name of this stamp set sums it all up!  The Angel Company was One of A Kind; it had heart and soul.  It was like a family, with all of the goodness and all of the warts that come with a family.  I am and I will continue to miss it.  I will also miss my fellow demonstrators.  While we are trying to find ways of staying in touch, it is going to be an adjustment as we each decide what path to take next.  It has been an honor, and a privilege, to know each and everyone of you!

Best wishes to everyone.  May all of you find new dreams, new paths, new journeys.  Safe travels everyone.  It's been an awesome adventure!

For more tributes and more memories, please visit all of the links below my "Today's Abundance" list.  Thanks for stopping by once again!


Today's Abundance
-The Angel Company, Mischelle and Kevin Smith, Kevin Jr. (a.k.a. Boy), Sophie, Kathy, and Mary
-The Angel Company Customer Service personnel (past and present), they were awesome, they were the best
-Debbie Rivers, a TAC employee, who inspired my Today's Abundance List that I have include at the end of my blog posts since mid-2007
-All of The Angel Company Demonstrators
-Tributes, Memories, and Celebrations

More Tributes and Memories for Mischelle and The Angel Company
Rita W.
Angela K.
Rita K.
Deb Miller:
Betty G.:
Sandy A.
Diane H.
Chris F.
Rita H.

So Long, Goodbye, Farewell...


Tricia said...

What a wonderful way to say thank you. I'll miss TAC!!!

Seleise said...

What a fun trip down memory lane, Rita! Fabulous cards and fabulous creativity! So glad to have met you through TAC!!!

Angela K said...

So fun to look back, great cards, TFS!!

Debra Miller said...

Love your abundance list Rita - we have been blessed abundantly!

Glittered Paws said...

OMG I can see that I don't have near enough Kleenex on my desk - what a loving and great tribute to TAC - it is truly the end of an era, but we will all have the memories forever. Loved all your cards and yes they were winners. Thanks for partnering with me and keeping the blog hops alive the last year.

Char said...

Great way to bring back so many memories. The Cuddle Pug was also my favorite stamp until Ruffles came out!! :-)

Julie Robinson said...

okay - BAWLING................ seriously........ BAWLING....... I remember when you showed me your Pug card published, and how excited you were. What an amazing journey with TAC that you and I have had together!

Donna said...

Beautiful cards!

Teresa Jenkins said...

What amazing stepping stones through your journey with TAC. You are spot on... One of a Kind really does sum it up!

Karen said...

Great cards!

Chelsea said...

WOW ... Great post Rita ... I got tears ... thanks for thanking all of those people for us ... we would have been no where without all of them working as a team. What a wonderful collection you posted .. FABULOUS!

Maria said...

Its been a journey, glad to know you along the way. :o)

Paula-Kay Bourland said...

Fond memories and nice selection of cards.

Sandy said...

Rita I love your cards as usual. I will keep watching for your new creations on here and Facebook! =0)

Ginger - Angel 1427 said...

How Awesome! :) I posted a bit late, but it's there now.

Christine Pennington said...

Rita my friend! I hope to see you soon---hopefully us girls can get together for old time sakes--including Ellie! Thanks for all your encouragement and love. My favorite memory with you is Copic Coloring weekend! I will treasure that special time always!

Wendy Zick said...

Wonderful creations! TFS

Laura said...

What a great tribute to your time with TAC Rita! Wonderful work! I want to say thanks for hosting these hops with Shirley... I have really enjoyed them! :)

Angie said...

Love all of these! I'd forgotten about the pug! Love your words too, so true!

Stacy said...

So cute :)

Diana said...

Oh my dear Rita!!! I am so honor to have you as a friend! I will be around! Thanks for your post, it made me cry, I think TAC and you are one of a kind too!


Carol said...

Wonderful cards. Nice trip down memory lane, thanks.

StampinCarol said...

This is a wonderful tribute to TAC!! And thanks SO MUCH for co-hosting these hops on PW! (Maybe we can do some theme hops or something as these have been such an inspiration to me!)

Stacy said...

Love your cards! I'm sure going to miss all the cute images/stamps we had - this hop is the perfect way to remember them all!

Risa said...

Your tribute is WONDERFUL Rita. I laughed and cried and remembered. TAC really was one of a kind wasn't it?! You are one of a kind too. Keep in touch.

Chris said...

Beautiful job here Rita! I remember you had just come to visit after you made the front page - what a great honor!

Mary said...

So many great projects and cards....Thank you for sharing your inspiration and abundances with us - what a great reminder...

Kim said...

So Many Wonderful Memories! I love your assortment of cards and that adorable backpack!!!

I too hope we can continue with these hops... I'm sure we can find a common thread or challenge!

Trudy Osborn said...

What wonderful and cherished memories! Great cards, I loved seeing some from years past

Cynthia said...

Simply lovely cards!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!


Rita Kegg said...

Great closing for a great company!! I will keep in touch ... we will always still have the 3 Ritas!! Thanks for doing all of the hops.


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