Jul 4, 2011

Toss Your Expectations into the Ocean - or in my case - The Mississippi

Question: What is Zen?
Answer: Zen is enlightenment through meditation and insight.

Question: What is Serendipity?
Answer: Serendipity is the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable, or useful.

Question: How did Serendipity and Zen cross paths for me today?
Answer: I discovered this bit of Zen advice quite by accident as I was clicking on links here, there, and everywhere this afternoon.

Question: What did I do with this new found advice?
Answer: I took it ... my expectations are now floating in the Mississippi River making their way to the Gulf of Mexico (I'm not near an ocean, but am near the Mississippi!).  And here's hoping they get eaten by the fish, caught by the fishermen (and women), thrown hard against the rocks, besieged by tug boats and ore boats, and swallowed up by the strong currents along the way.  And if some do manage to make it the approx. 2,000 miles, well, then the Gulf of Mexico can take over and finish them off!  Good riddens - hope you never come back!

And here's the mental image I have formed.  This Jomoud photo was found here  ...  thanks for the most appropriate image for me to toss my expectations into!

And may you have success in throwing away your expectations!

Thanks for stopping by....


Today's Abundance
-A gentle reminder that many of our frustrations are caused by our own expectations
-Another beautiful summer day
-Lots of yard waste ready to recycle - finally defeated part of the bushes and wild tree seedlings


Kathryn Hansen said...

i love the imagery!! what a great idea. expectations has so many meanings to different people. i know when i feel it in my heart,i can really expect it to come true!

Audrey said...

Sage advise!
Thanks Rita!!!



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