Jul 22, 2011

Summer Fun

It's UWIB Blog Hop time again!  Our theme for July is Summer Fun!

I grew up on a farm which meant summers were more work than fun for the most part.  My summers were spent weeding the garden along with cooking and baking for the help during the harvesting of the hay, straw, corn, and soy beans.  Let's see, there was lunch, and then afternoon break, and then supper.  And sometimes there was even late night meals on those days when harvesting went until the sun set.  Back in the "good ole days" everything was made from scratch - no store bought potato salad or coleslaw, no gravy-in-a-can, and no mixes for cake or cookies.  All of that homemade cooking and baking meant there were mountains of dishes to wash and dry - no dishwashers - all of those dishes and greasy pots and pans were washed and dried by hand!

Now summers on the farm weren't all work.  There was some fun too!  I have fond memories of riding my bike and playing with the dog.  I, the dog, and my imaginary friends would have a blast.  We did tricks on my bike in rodeos, we would race down the road to the walnut grove, and we would ride out to the pastures to herd the cows in for their evening milking.  I rode the bike whenever I could and I and the dog were inseparable.

I always enjoyed the ride and the family dog... and this card brings back those fond memories.

Now on the farm the dogs didn't get to sleep inside so no good night "puppy kisses" like these for me.  However, I'm making up for lost opportunities as my puppy now gets to sleep with me so I get plenty of "puppy kisses" each and every night!

And this bike - well, it reminds me of the first bike I bought as an adult!  It was purple, it had a basket, and it had a banana set!  So, you see, summer fun on the bike continues on endlessly!

And how do you have fun during the summer?

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Today's Abundance
-Puppy Kisses
-Summertime (except when the heat and humidity make us wilt and sweat upon stepping outside)


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

What wonderful memories you are able to draw from and remember! We live in a rural area, and it was quite an eye-opener the first harvesting season I lived here. Seeing the farmers harvesting well into the night was something I never expected to see. Such hard-working neighbors!

It's great to have dogs that can be next to you at night, isn't it? I can't imagine not having my two dogs around me at night. :)

Kelly said...

I can't imagine living on a farm. I am such a city girl.
Love the cards.

Janet Bocciardi said...

So glad you now have a puppy to get those bed kisses. I too had outdoor dogs on a farm growing up, but am so glad our dogs get to be part of our family inside.

Love the memory of bike riding - that first feel of freedom and wind in the hair! ; )

WellspringCreations said...

What wonderful memories. In hindsight, I guess the dirty dishes were a small price to pay for the wonderful homemade food we enjoyed!

SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies said...

Your cards are so sweet. What a lovely way of capturing childhood memories.


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