Jul 14, 2011

Orange Country

It has been awhile since I've curated a treasury so that's what I've done tonight!  The theme - Orange Country.  Please enjoy these beautiful, handmade, orange creations!

Thanks for stopping by


Today's Abundance
-The last nice day for a week or so - i.e. heat and humidity are arriving tomorrow
-Yo Yos - they are so fun to make
-The end of a day with the hope of a new one tomorrow
-Ice cold water
-Orange slices - citrus slices and candy slices


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

What a beautiful treasury! All the items look gorgeous together!!

Andrea (Sacred Suds) said...

I love this, Rita! I want to drink it up, like a glass of fresh squeezed juice :-D Beautifully refreshing on a hot day.


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