Jul 9, 2011

The Flower Garden

The flower gardens are so full of color these days with
yellows, golds, reds, purples, salmon, pinks, and whites. 

In the gardens you can find
daisies and lilies and zinnias and marigolds and
rose moss and geraniums and clematis and
the lovely flowering hostas. 

Sitting out on the patio is such a joy these days taking in all of the colors and splendid smells.
 If it weren't for the traffic sounds and screaming kids,
I'd say I was getting pretty close to heaven!

Flower gardens abound everywhere, even with my fellow UWIB (Unique Women in Business) team members.

Want some sunflowers for your garden?  Then check out this Sunflower Double Original Oil Painting by artbymsr...

Crazyforcollars has Flower Power Collars in this beautiful green and blue color combination...

And because I really like these shades of green and blue here's a Rose Organze Pin from gmPurseanallities!

Then we have the Purple and Pink Plumeria Polymer Flower Earrings expertly handmade by Ziporgiabella.

And finally there are the Shabby Daisy's from Paperquick...

Here's more flower garden inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by...


Today's Abundance
-The birds, the bees, the butterflies, and any and all other creatures that aide in the production of beautiful flower gardens
-Summer breezes at the end of a warm, warm day
-Kids having fun at the playground
-Key lime bars


Audrey said...

Super cool post and a super cool new tool Rita!
Thanks :)

I always enjoy your "Today's abundance"


Janet Bocciardi said...

What great floral items! Who doesn't love flowers? Go UWIB!


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