Jul 31, 2011

Christmas in July Blog Hop

We are getting an early start on our Christmas, Holiday, Winter, and New Year cards/projects with our July Blog Hop at PaperWings! Be prepared to be awed by all of this creativity for the holidays despite the fact that many of us are experiencing high heat and humidity. I feel cooler just thinking about the snow and cold!!

My card features the Cuddly Penguin and Trendy Greetings stamp sets from The Angel Company. The penguin is colored with copics.  The blue and green cardstock is from Bazzill's new, yummy line of Smoothies.  Buttons and scrappers floss complete the card!

And please join me in hopping around to these participating blogs for more Christmas in July creations. You won't be disappointed!

Rita W - http://handmadebits4u.blogspot.com
Michelle M - http://michellescreativejourney.blogspot.com
Seleise - http://www.amethystcat.blogspot.com/
Laura - http://www.thecraftysister.com/
Wendy - http://wendyswhimsyandwit.blogspot.com/
Laurie U - http://laurieunger.blogspot.com
Chelsea C - http://www.inkystamps.blogspot.com
Shirley H - http://glitteredpaws.blogspot.com
Kim S - http://angelatmydoor.blogspot.com/
Mary - http://marysangelinspirations.blogspot.com/
Angela K - http://www.angelakelley.blogspot.com
Carol N - http://stampincarol.blogspot.com/
Betty - http://www.stampinteacher.com
Rita K - http://ritasangels.blogspot.com
Julie - http://juliesstamppad.blogspot.com
Donna - http://lakesidestamper.blogspot.com/

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Today's Abundance
-A bevy of participants for today's blog hop
-A lazy Sunday afternoon - good for the soul
-Bazzill Smoothies
-Lavendar and rose - the colors are so beautiful in my blooming flowers
-Strawberry Smoothie (the kind you drink!!)

Jul 30, 2011

Circle of Love

I have always been fascinated by the symbolism that one finds in the circle - so much that I once wrote a paper on The Circle for one of my college classes when I was pursuing my masters degree.

The circle has no beginning and it has no end and, thus, represents infinity, eternity, and completeness. The circle also stands for inclusion, wholeness, focus, unity, nurturing, cycles, initiation, perfection, centering, infinity, mobility, and more. The circle means we are included, we are drawn in, we are a part of whatever is around us. We also see circles throughout our daily lives: wheels, gears, CDs, plates, bowls, mugs, marbles, eyes, balls, rings, halos, lazy susans, yo yos, coins, and the sun. I can also think of a few companies that incorporate the circle into their logos.

ETSY has circles too! ETSY circles are "a great way to stay connected with other members of the Etsy community." And one of the teams I like to stay connected with is the ETSY Promo Love team! As you can see in the treasury below members have nurtured their creative spirit and passion by creating these lovely circular pieces.!

Have you created a circle lately?

Thanks for stopping by.


Today's Abundance
-Craft garage sale (I came home with less than I took)
-Circles of all kinds
-Granola bars
-Iced coffee on a hot, humid day
-A thunderstorm off in the distance

Jul 22, 2011

Summer Fun

It's UWIB Blog Hop time again!  Our theme for July is Summer Fun!

I grew up on a farm which meant summers were more work than fun for the most part.  My summers were spent weeding the garden along with cooking and baking for the help during the harvesting of the hay, straw, corn, and soy beans.  Let's see, there was lunch, and then afternoon break, and then supper.  And sometimes there was even late night meals on those days when harvesting went until the sun set.  Back in the "good ole days" everything was made from scratch - no store bought potato salad or coleslaw, no gravy-in-a-can, and no mixes for cake or cookies.  All of that homemade cooking and baking meant there were mountains of dishes to wash and dry - no dishwashers - all of those dishes and greasy pots and pans were washed and dried by hand!

Now summers on the farm weren't all work.  There was some fun too!  I have fond memories of riding my bike and playing with the dog.  I, the dog, and my imaginary friends would have a blast.  We did tricks on my bike in rodeos, we would race down the road to the walnut grove, and we would ride out to the pastures to herd the cows in for their evening milking.  I rode the bike whenever I could and I and the dog were inseparable.

I always enjoyed the ride and the family dog... and this card brings back those fond memories.

Now on the farm the dogs didn't get to sleep inside so no good night "puppy kisses" like these for me.  However, I'm making up for lost opportunities as my puppy now gets to sleep with me so I get plenty of "puppy kisses" each and every night!

And this bike - well, it reminds me of the first bike I bought as an adult!  It was purple, it had a basket, and it had a banana set!  So, you see, summer fun on the bike continues on endlessly!

And how do you have fun during the summer?

Thanks for stopping by...


Today's Abundance
-Puppy Kisses
-Summertime (except when the heat and humidity make us wilt and sweat upon stepping outside)

Jul 20, 2011

Christmas in July

I'm dreaming of cooler temperatures during this hot, ugly, never-ending heat wave we are experiencing here in Minnesota.  Yesterday we broke a record for the highest heat index in bookoo years at 118 or 119, depending upon which report you read.  It seems just like a few short weeks ago we were all wishing for summer to come and our long, hard, cold winter to be over (which set its own records too).

So, I am torn.  Do I like summer better with all of this heat and humidity or do I like winter better with its cold and snow.  Well, after some thought, I'm still a winter fan.  I love the cooler temperatures, sweaters and sweat shirts, fire places, bundling up, the holidays, and fluffy, white snow (but not so much the heavy wet snow).  Although I must say that the transition from summer to winter is my absolute favorite - fall - but that is a topic for another time.

Since I've been dreamin' of the holidays and those cold and snowy days, I've decided to celebrate by having a Christmas in July Sale!  That's right, it is never too early to start you gift shopping for your family and friends - and for yourself too!!

Everything in my HandmadeBits4u ETSY shop is on sale - to receive a 10% discount you must use this coupon code when you check out :  CHRISTMASINJULY2011.

Here are some of my new shop additions to whet your whistle.  You will find....

including my new line of "Support the Girls" cards
for those facing or who have survivied Breast Cancer 
(proceeds donated to The American Cancer Society) ...


 ... Fabric and laminated fabric coasters
a fun way to protect your tables from sweaty drink glasses...

... Jumbo Yo Yo Bobbies to accessorize your hair,
perfect for little and big girls alike...

use them instead of plastic baggies for snacks and sandwiches ...

protect your fingers when removing hot bowls and cups from the microwave ...

great gifts for bridal showers, the holidays, teachers, coaches, and even yourself ...

... Pee Pee Cones for your little boys, nephews, or grandsons,
great for baby showers,
avoid getting wet from those special little showers unique to baby boys ...

Happy shopping...  remember to use the coupon code of  CHRISTMASINJULY2011 to receive your 10% discount.

Thanks for stopping by....


Today's Abundance
-Air Conditioning
-The end to the Minnesota Government Shutdown
-Air Conditioning
-Pizza Delivery
-Have I mentioned Air Conditioning?

Jul 14, 2011

Orange Country

It has been awhile since I've curated a treasury so that's what I've done tonight!  The theme - Orange Country.  Please enjoy these beautiful, handmade, orange creations!

Thanks for stopping by


Today's Abundance
-The last nice day for a week or so - i.e. heat and humidity are arriving tomorrow
-Yo Yos - they are so fun to make
-The end of a day with the hope of a new one tomorrow
-Ice cold water
-Orange slices - citrus slices and candy slices

Jul 9, 2011

The Flower Garden

The flower gardens are so full of color these days with
yellows, golds, reds, purples, salmon, pinks, and whites. 

In the gardens you can find
daisies and lilies and zinnias and marigolds and
rose moss and geraniums and clematis and
the lovely flowering hostas. 

Sitting out on the patio is such a joy these days taking in all of the colors and splendid smells.
 If it weren't for the traffic sounds and screaming kids,
I'd say I was getting pretty close to heaven!

Flower gardens abound everywhere, even with my fellow UWIB (Unique Women in Business) team members.

Want some sunflowers for your garden?  Then check out this Sunflower Double Original Oil Painting by artbymsr...

Crazyforcollars has Flower Power Collars in this beautiful green and blue color combination...

And because I really like these shades of green and blue here's a Rose Organze Pin from gmPurseanallities!

Then we have the Purple and Pink Plumeria Polymer Flower Earrings expertly handmade by Ziporgiabella.

And finally there are the Shabby Daisy's from Paperquick...

Here's more flower garden inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by...


Today's Abundance
-The birds, the bees, the butterflies, and any and all other creatures that aide in the production of beautiful flower gardens
-Summer breezes at the end of a warm, warm day
-Kids having fun at the playground
-Key lime bars

Jul 7, 2011

World Chocolate Day - July 7, 2011

Today is World Chocolate Day!  Yeah!  However,  I must say that I don't need a special day to honor and enjoy chocolate.  For me, every single day is Chocolate Day - love, love, love Chocolate!

Chocolate comes in many forms and flavors.  Here are a few that I enjoy....

-Hershey's Chocolate Bars - plain and almond
-Hershey's Chocolate Kisses
-Ghirardelli Chocolate
-German Chocolate Cake with coconut frosting - my mom's homemade version was the best
-Hot Chocolate
-Dove Chocolate Bars
-Almond Fudge Ice Cream
-Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with Warm Chocolate Syrup - oh so very yummy, a fond memory of my aunt Leona in the winter time
-Chocolate and Peanut Butter - a favorite snack on canoe trips
-Any and all chocolate desserts at Cafe Latte in St. Paul
-Chocolate pudding that is still a bit warm
-Chocolate desserts at TAC Seminars, especially when they are served as the first course!
-Pink Polka Dots on Brown - and visa versa
-and on and on and on.....

To mark the day, I did make a chocolate card!  The base of the card is a deep, rich chocolate brown accented with a kraft brown and a shiny chocolate brown ribbon.  The giraffes and inside sentiment (Treasure Found from The Angel Company) are stamped with Momento brown ink and then embossed using Transcendence Powder.

This chocolate colored card makes for a fabulous masculine card for birthdays, anniversaries, or for a "just because" card!

Thanks for stopping by.


Today's Abundance
-Chocolate, of course
-The newly planted hostas are surviving
-Annual visit to the vet is successful 
-Narrowly averted a run in with two large dogs while out walking the puppy
-Ready for the fabric/yarn garage sale sponsored by a local quilt store

Jul 4, 2011

Toss Your Expectations into the Ocean - or in my case - The Mississippi

Question: What is Zen?
Answer: Zen is enlightenment through meditation and insight.

Question: What is Serendipity?
Answer: Serendipity is the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable, or useful.

Question: How did Serendipity and Zen cross paths for me today?
Answer: I discovered this bit of Zen advice quite by accident as I was clicking on links here, there, and everywhere this afternoon.

Question: What did I do with this new found advice?
Answer: I took it ... my expectations are now floating in the Mississippi River making their way to the Gulf of Mexico (I'm not near an ocean, but am near the Mississippi!).  And here's hoping they get eaten by the fish, caught by the fishermen (and women), thrown hard against the rocks, besieged by tug boats and ore boats, and swallowed up by the strong currents along the way.  And if some do manage to make it the approx. 2,000 miles, well, then the Gulf of Mexico can take over and finish them off!  Good riddens - hope you never come back!

And here's the mental image I have formed.  This Jomoud photo was found here  ...  thanks for the most appropriate image for me to toss my expectations into!

And may you have success in throwing away your expectations!

Thanks for stopping by....


Today's Abundance
-A gentle reminder that many of our frustrations are caused by our own expectations
-Another beautiful summer day
-Lots of yard waste ready to recycle - finally defeated part of the bushes and wild tree seedlings


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