Jun 15, 2011

Why Do I Blog?

Not too long ago I signed up for an eCourse offered by LivLane - it is entitled "How To Build A Blog That You Truly Love."  Liv also has a blog, Choosing Beauty,  and her Get Real Radio Show on my Talk 107.1 in the Twin Cities!

One of our very first exercises is to ponder and articulate why we blog.  This indeed was - and still is - a thought provoking question!

I started blogging back in 2007 to showcase my papercrafting projects built around the products from The Angel Company.  It stayed that way for a couple of years until I renewed my love affair with fabric, opened an ETSY shop, and started signing up for local craft shows and boutiques, especially the fall ones.  Now you'll see what I've been up to in my sewing room, ETSY treasuries, my pets, and a few more things too, along with papercrafting projects.

The blog has evolved over the last four years, it has sputtered along the way, has been ignored here and there, but it keeps coming back.  I started out on Blogspot, switched to the free version of Wordpress, and just recently switched back to Blogspot.  Throughout the transitions I have lost some images, lost page and view counts, but fortunately the content has generally transitioned from one platform to another.  For that I am thankful!

Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this eCourse because I really do want to offer a blog that I love and am proud of!  I want a blog that is cohesive and has a mission and purpose and not a hodgepodge, even though hodgepodge can be interesting at times!

But I digress.  So now back to why I want to blog as I move forward ....

With all of the thoughts rolling around in my head that have been generated from Liv's class, I started writing them on Post-Its.  I now have them all over the place ... they are on doors, in stacks, and I even capture some on my phone when I'm not a home and need to write a thought down before it flits away...

Over the last couple of days, I've been trying to make sense of these thoughts and bits of insights.  I have writtern, rewritten, wordsmithed, rearranged, put in, taken out, and on and on.

Today, I am glad to say I can share the first version of why I want to blog!

i blog because I want to

celebrate the creative spirit 
in others and in myself by 
delighting the world with the handmade

whether the handmade
be ordinary or extraordinary
be new or tried and true
be from scratch or reused 
be mine or of others

along the way
be thankful for the abundance
of the extraordinary day
of the ordinary day
and even of the mundane day

this is why I blog

There it is!  This is why I want to blog moving forward!  So what do you think?  And why do you want blog?

Thanks for stopping by


Today's Abundance
-My finished UFO lap quilt (photos in an upcoming blog post)
-All of the beautiful finished UFO's at last nights DCSQ guild meeting
-Fresh peas in the pod from the Farmers Market
-A napping puppy - all 4 paws in the air again
-Post It Notes


Anonymous said...

I love your first version! Celebrate, thankful, delight...lovely.

I haven't gotten quite that far with mine; it's still some scribbly bits in a notebook.

Janet Bocciardi said...

Love how the words.. and the focus it gives your blog! I think my hubby would kill me if I had one more thing lying around, but wait.. they're not lying around, they're sticking to the wall!

Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Very informative and it opens a window into your thinking . . . love that opportunity to glimpse some of your thought processes.

Great blog!

Trudy aka Momma Goddess

Kathy G said...

Love it, when you could pinpoint why you do something you identify a purposeful mission

Nikki said...

Your purpose statement is lovely! I haven't gotten to the writing stage of mine yet but your post inspires me!

Andrea (Sacred Suds) said...

I think these are beautiful reasons for blogging, and I love how you distilled all of those post-it notes down to this poetic post. I particularly love that you included the handmade life in your reasons. So exciting!

Rita said...

Thanks so much everyone for the comments and compliments. I must say that the content and format is nothing close to what I anticipated when I started this exercise. And, once it started to flow, it all came together so easily. I think getting everything written down in no special form allowed for the thoughts to gel with the most meaningful ones bubbling up to the top. Thanks again....


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