Jun 21, 2011

UFO No More!

One of my objectives this year is to complete a number of UFOs - Unfinished Objects (not of the flying kind though)!

I finished this lap quilt last week and now have photos of it to share with you.  I made this in a class that I took a few years ago at a local quilting shop.  I love the burgundy and mustard colored fabrics that I chose for this quilt.  I counted at least 8 different mustard colored fabrics and 8 different burgundy colored fabrics in the quilt.

I just love the overall design that has the 8 sided stars popping out all over the place.  And I must say that most (but not quite all) have nice pointy ends to them!

I quilted it with two different thread colors - a mustard and a burgundy - in a meandering style.

This quilt will be a lovely addition to the family room where it will be loved and used year round.

Hmmm... I like it so much I should use the same pattern to make another - if I could only remember the name of the pattern or book it came from!  Any bets on whether or not I will be able to find it?

What unfinished objects or projects have you finished lately?

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Today's Abundance
-A short break in the rain complete with sunshine - I was able to take photos outside - yeah
-No need to water the flowers again today - mother nature is doing a good job of that at the moment
-Leftover pizza - yummy
-Bargain hunting
-A day of playing with fabric and other creative stuff


Andrea (Sacred Suds) said...

Rita, that quilt is gorgeous!!! I love the objective of finishing up unfinished projects. Bravo to you for finishing this one up - it was absolutely worthy of completion!

Lindley said...

Wow, that's beautiful! I love the UFO concept - I have tons of those around.

Scrapability said...

I cam here via BBTL, and am really impressed with the quilt. I'm just looking into quilting or textile art to add to my own creative repertoire.

UFO - great term.

wildruffle.com said...

So pretty! I have tons of unfinished objects around here - now I'm inspired to finish them off.:)

Seleise said...

this is absolutely gorgeous!! Good for you and the UFOs! Can you then come and do mine? lol! :)


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