Jun 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

Today's blog post is simply a few random thoughts from the day....

-Checked the peonies - the buds are getting bigger everyday.
-Dishwasher is sounding like a 747 - back to washing dishes by hand until I get it replaced.  Can washing dishes by hand be therapeutic?
-To Do List is done for tomorrow - it'll be a busy day.
-Peanut Butter - good for dog treats.
-Was a good day to take photos outside.
-Warm and humid today.
-Cat and dog - they fight sometimes, they nap together sometimes
-My Woodlands Tan and Green Earth Tones Lap Quilt was showcased in this beautiful treasury by shellieartist
-Cold water is so very refreshing.
-Why are dogs attracted to anything with plastic on it?
-It's late...  better think about calling it a day.

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Today's Abundance
-A nice walk even though it was a bit humid
-Clean dishes - even though I had to do them by hand
-Earth tones
-On tomorrow's to do list:  Farmer's Market
-Ceiling fans

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