Jun 19, 2011

The End.... And A Beginning

What's that saying ...  something like all good things must come to an end?

Well, the peonies have come to an abrupt end this season.  A hard downpour earlier this week hammered the poor peonies; they didn't have a chance.  The lovely flowers that you saw here are no longer.  Rather, they are now a sad lot with drooping blossoms and piles of petals everywhere.

To think that the day before all of these beautiful blossoms were upright and all I could see was pink and white and a deep red - the green leaves and stems are barely discernible when the peonies are in full bloom.  So sad, so very sad....

There is a bright spot though!  Even though the peonies are fading fast, the daisies are just beginning!  Over the next couple of weeks I will be able to cast my eyes on these beautiful white flowers with yellow centers.  This strain of daisies is almost wild.  I never quite know where they are going to bloom from year to year and I don't try to rein them in.  They are beautiful!  (And can you see the rain drops ... yes, we are still getting rain!)

Daisies abound everywhere - not just in my backyard!!

Take a look at this beautiful daisy from WildAppleDesign - it is an Upcycled Coca Cola Daisy Ring!

Cayennepeppy has a darling daisy ring in her shop too....

And if you love daisies so much that you want them on your blog, twitter, Facebook, and website, check out this Pre Fab Media Pack from kellyjsorenson!

Enjoy the daisies!

And remember to stop and smell the flowers as you hustle and bustle throughout the day!

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Today's Abundance
-The fresh evening air after a rainy day
-Green peas and freshly picked strawberries from the Farmers Market
-My camera
-Star Wars....(it's playing in the background while I work on this blog post)
-Enjoying the puppy as he explores the puddles on our walks today - he's just like a kid, they are there to walk in!


kel said...

I love peonies! They are gorgeous but when it's all over, they are so dramatic. It always looks like a grisly murder scene. Thanks for including my daisy set in your post. I have a soft spot for daisies. When my daughter was little, I would have her picture taken every year standing in daisies. Maybe I should drag her out there and take some pictures of her!

Jennifer Richardson said...

LOVING on this beautiful place
...the beauty,
the gratitude,
the pure awesomeness!
And I share your sigh
as the peony glory
is recycled
until next season.
Daisy joy to you
and thankf for this
wonderful share,


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