Jun 24, 2011

10 Things I've Learned in the Past Year

A year ago my family grew by 1!!  As I reflect back on the last year I realize how much this little one has been a blessing, a joy, and, yes, even a bit frustrating at times.  At first there were the sleepless nights and the uncertainty about what his sounds and cries meant.  He was so little but oh so cuddly and cute - no one could resist him.  There was the training, the shots, the accidents, the feedings, and so on.  But gradually we got into a good routine and the world was filled with goodness.

Now Rusty has changed significantly over the year.  When he arrived he was only a couple of pounds with "rusty" colored fur along with some black and cream.  The official color is apricot!  Here he is in the doggie vest that I made for him along with a matching leash.  I got the tutorials from CrazyforCollars - her tutorials are awesome!!  Look closely and you will see paw prints on the fabric!

And now a year later, well - I may need to change his name as most of his rusty color has given way to cream and white!  His back still has the apricot color but the rest of him, well let's just say he has changed a lot since he was a little pup.  He no longer fits into the vest and he has chewed the leash so much I finally had to toss it and make him a new one!  Here he is "helping" me plant some new perennials in the backyard.

Now having a puppy in the household brings with it new insights into how the world operates!  So here are the top 10 things that I have learned over the past year...

1.  Puppies can not tell time!  They eat, play inside and out, and heed Mother Nature's call at all hours of the day and night in all kinds of weather - scorching heat, high humidity, freezing cold, snowstorms, and rainstorms.  It does not matter to them!

2.  Puppies love playing with shoes and socks - they will even hunt them down, if need be.  Doesn't matter if the store bought toys are right there in plain site, they will find the shoes and socks regardless of where they are, how high they are, or how well-put-away you think they are.

3.  Puppies think basic obedience training is a great fun - the puppy trains you to give them snacks and treats for doing funny things like sitting, laying down, and walking beside you.  Forget the treat and they forget to do those funny things!!

4.  Puppies dream about catching squirrels and rabbits and practice anytime they can.

5.  Puppies love going on walks in the neighborhood.  They sniff every blade of grass, check out every tree and pole, want to greet every dog, bird, squirrel, and human they see.  Going for a walk around the block - well, plan on a half hour for that!!

6.  Puppies are really excited when they graduate from the kennel at night to the bed.  They seem to think sleeping crosswise or diagonally is the thing to do - they know their humans will figure out how to contort themselves to accommodate their puppy.

7.  Puppies love shoelaces too!  Buy stock in a shoelace company!

8.  Puppies love playing with other puppies and dogs.  Going to Doggie Daycare is a delight for them.  It's a good way to tire them out - and it gives their human some downtime!

9.  Puppies and peanut butter - a match made in heaven.  And peanut butter works great for getting those big ugly pills down without any problems!

10.  Puppies leave paw prints on the heart - but then I think most of us already knew that!!

Thanks for stopping by once again....  hope you are enjoying your puppy (or your choice of pet) as much as I am enjoying Rusty!!


Today's Abundance
-The new doggie stamps from TAC that I saw in some of the photos from seminar
-The black lab that played with Rusty this afternoon
-Red cardinal sightings once again
-Mushrooms popping up all over - they sure are liking all of the moisture
-My new recycled/upcycled projects - Necktie Wristlets


Audrey said...

Rusty is just so adorable Rita!!! How could he do less than leave paw prints all over your heart!!
My son wants a puppy so bad but my Hubby is allergic :(

Wonderful post!
aka AudreyGardenLady

Chilly Paws said...

There isn't anything comparable to a puppy puddle at your feet or in your arms.
Rusty is so handsome - Calixa is batting her eyelashes at his photo.
Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.


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