Apr 16, 2011

First Aid

I'm feeling sorry for myself today!  I've had this nagging cold and congested head on and off over the winter months and every time I think I have it licked, it resurfaces.  (Of course, our never ending winter isn't helping at all - it is snowing yet again!)  The last few days I have slept more than I've been awake!  Finally, today I think the waking hours exceeded the sleeping ones!

Now on the positive side, it has given me guilt free time at the computer - little energy to do anything but catch up on emails, surf the web, and peruse cyberspace until it's time for the next nap!

Now perhaps I just need some good First Aid to finally kick this thing...  Do you think any of these will help?  The nurses certainly will offer comfort!  The First Aid kits and salves are always good to have around!  And what do you think about those "sick polka dot heels?"  And I absolutely love "Every time it rains, An Angel gets Pneumonia!"  I wonder what Angels get when it snows??

Well, it's probably time I start thinking about taking another nap!

Have a great weekend...


Today's Abundance
-A cuddly pup and cat
-Warm handmade quilts
-The hope of warm weather

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