Mar 2, 2011

Plum Pickins

Today is the day to learn about Plums!  First we start with the definitions and then we go to the pictures!!

Plum (definition per Bing Dictionary)

1. dark red fruit: a round or oval smooth-skinned fruit, usually red or purple, containing a flattened pit
2. fruit tree: a tree that bears plums. Genus Prunus.
3. dark reddish purple color: a dark reddish purple color
4. something choice: something that is highly desirable or enviable, especially a job or contract ( informal

1. desirable: highly desirable or profitable ( informal ) "a plum job"
2. dark reddish purple: of a dark reddish purple color

Plum Pickins according to the Etsy Bloggers ETSY Team!

Hope you enjoyed this short English lesson!


Today's Abundance
-The little bit of sanity that I have left - it is once again in the single digits today, snow is in the forecast for tomorrow too
-A good day at the sewing machine
-No bills in the mail today
-House plants - the kind I can keep alive that is


Memories for Life Scrapbooks said...

Beautiful treasury! Plum is such a pretty color :)

storybeader said...

I've never seen the word plum used as a adjective for desirable! Such a pretty color - makes a great treasury! {:-D


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