Mar 16, 2011

A Loyal Dog

Over the past few days we have seen heartbreaking scenes from the devastated areas of Japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.  It is beyond imagination that such destruction could occur in such a short amount of time - it is unbelievable, surreal, and totally mind-boggling.  Our hearts go out to all of those affected.

Today, I saw this video - it is a story of a dog sticking by the side of another.  It is so touching and may bring a tear or two to the eyes.  Many of my fellow Etsians have items that, when sold, the proceeds will be donated to the relief efforts in Japan.  For those of you who are dog lovers, here are some of the items that are available:

CrazyforCollars is donating the proceeds of her Dog and Cat Tags to Animal Refuge Kansai.

Garden of Wings has designated these Doggie Bandanas as her contributions to Animal Relief in Japan.

And ialbert has designated this beautiful Dachshund as part of the fundraising efforts.

You can find many more items on ETSY that have been designated as fundraising for relief efforts in Japan.  Please keep the Japanese people along with their four-legged friends in your thoughts and prayers.


Today's Abundance
-More puddles from our warmer temperatures
-Nicholas Sparks Audio Books
-Sock Monkeys and Sock Monkey Quilts
-Our four-legged friends
-Life itself


Indira said...

Lovely collection & thanks for featuring my print in your lovely blog

Suzanne in TX said...

Rita--thank you so much for this lovely blog post and including my tag offering.

mtstamper said...

My! You have found a return to video and sentiment all in one thirty second viewing. That dog may be the same breed as a very loyal dog here. Loved that critter! Good companion dog. Pray for Japanese people, hurting and feeling alone, their rescuers, and their extended families.


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