Feb 22, 2011

Snow Photos!!

Sunday and Monday, we got at least 12 inches of new, fluffy, white snow over the course of the 2 days - it just wouldn't stop snowing!  Now I'm normally a winter person and can take a big snowstorm like this in stride.  However,....  In November we had our first huge snowstorm - I happened to be out driving in it to a Craft Fair early that morning - cars slipping and sliding every which way.  In December we had another monster storm - I stayed in for that one!  In January I was visiting my sister for the day, it started to snow, and it only took me 4+ hours to get home going 40 miles an hour - it is normally an hour and a half drive.  Mother Nature teased us with 40 degree temps last week.  Now we know it was merely to melt some of the 60 inches of snow we've already had this winter to make room for another foot or more!  I think the official count is over 75 inches of snow this season so far!  So I'm on the spring bandwagon and am cheering it on with all of the gusto that I have!  I have had enough of winter this year!

I did take some pictures this morning - it was quite beautiful out!  Temperatures were decent, no wind, and blue skies!  (The blue skies though faded into grey ones by the afternoon as the weather forecast is for more snow on Wednesday!!)

This snowbank was clear up to the backdoor - it was a little tough getting out before  the path was semi-cleared out!  It took 3 passes at the snow to get everything cleaned up decently.  Thank goodness my neighbor comes over and does that for me - he is a terrific neighbor!

Now this is a beautiful site!  I so do like evergreens with fresh powdery snow on the branches!

The snowbanks are so tall in some places that they completely cover the fences!

And look what I found on top of the roof this morning!  Snow that had been whipped into huge snowbanks!  While the lines of the snowbanks and the depth and height of them were amazing and very beautiful against the blue sky  (yes, the winter is getting to me if I think that), it meant that I had to spend the morning raking the snow off the roof so it wouldn't ice up in the coming days.

Well, that's my story for today!  Hope the weatherman is wrong about tomorrow's forecast!

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Today's Abundance
-Snow rakes
-Evergreen trees with lots of powdery snow
-Blue skies
-The hope of spring

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