Feb 10, 2011

Fashion Week Kickoff

Today is the day that New York City kicks off its Fashion Week to debut fall and winter seasonal lines.  So, it seems appropriate that today's blog should be about fashion!  But before we look ahead to the next few months, I think we should also look back at some vintage fashions from fellow Etsians!  You will find wedding gowns, swimsuits, dresses and more from days past.  You can find more details on each of the below here....

Happy Fashion!!

Thanks again for stopping by....


Today's Abundance
-Minus 9 this morning, 30 above tomorrow - I can hang on one more day
-Another upcycled tote
-No bills in today's mail
-A quiet, crafty day
- Daily blog post done before the evening sets in!


TutusChic said...

Many thanks ♥♥♥ for featuring my Mlle. Chantilly Lace tutu. I am so out of it-- do I dare admit this? I did not know it was Fashion Week in NYC!

Crystal said...

Thank you so much, Rita, for giving my dress such classically beautiful company. It's a nice, early Valentine's Day present. It's cold here in Arkansas too, so I'm also enjoying a great crafty day. You've made it even better. Warmest Regards -Crystal

Vicki said...

Thanks for spotlighting my pattern!

isamadrid said...

Thank you so much Rita. I love your blog and your treasury.
In Madrid will be next week the Fashion Week. I will like to see some of the NY Fashion Week.
Gook Luck


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