Feb 28, 2011

My Snow Dog

Today we had weather that was a tad bit warmer - a few puddles started to form and the snow on the street started to melt off too.  And best of all, we had sunshine the whole day.

Rusty took full advantage of the day and got in some good play time in the backyard snowbanks!  He loves to run in them, slide his face along them while pushing with his feet, and dig holes in them!  And the result is not only one tired puppy but also a snow covered fur ball!!

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Rita and The Snow Dog!!

Today's Abundance
-A fun loving puppy
-The hope of spring
-Cotton fabric



Feb 27, 2011

Something Green UWIB Blog Hop

Welcome to our first monthly UWIB Blog Hop!  Every 4th Sunday we will have a new hop with a new theme along with our fabulous UWIB participants!  Be prepared to be wowed by our members!  UWIB, Unique Women in Business, is an ETSY Team - our members are creative, supportive, and are wonderful friends!

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, this month’s theme is “Something Green.”  I'm featuring a couple of my "green" things.  First is this set of adorable hand-chenilled potholders.  I just love the little birdies, they remind me of the Twitter Bird, on a green background.

The second "Something Green" that I have to share with you is my upcycled "Everyone Loves an Irish Girl" Tote.  It used to be a TShirt and I have now transformed it into this cute little tote.  Who wouldn't want this for their St. Patrick's Day celebration?

Be sure to check out my RitasCreationsOnETSY shop for more potholders, St. Patrick's Day themed totes, Pee Pee Cones, and more....  And please visit my UWIB sisters who are participating in the "Something Green" Blog Hop too!  You'll be green with envy when you're done!

Karen Terry-McDuffie   -  http://www.jmjcreations.blogspot.com
Robin Koehler   -  http://www.nestlingsbyrobin.blogspot.com
Linda Reynolds   -  http://bellalindadesigns.net/
Birgitte Hendricks  -  http://SewDanish.blogspot.com
Judy Woodley  -  http://www.WellspringCreations.blogspot.com
Rita Wetzel  -  http://ritascreativenest.com
Audrey F  -  http://AudreyGardenLady.blogspot.com
Robin Maria Pedrero   -  http://www.pocketfullofcolors.blogspot.com
Ann Rinkenberger   -  http://harvestmoonbyhand.blogspot.com
Trudy Miller   -  http://mommagoddesstreasures.blogspot.com
Cory Trusty   -  http://aquarianbath.blogspot.com
Cory Trusty   -  http://delicateadornments.blogspot.com
Nancy Pace   -  http://nancyswildwirejewelry.blogspot.com
Wendy Kelly   -  http://blog.vintageday.com/

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Today's Abundance
-First ever UWIB Blog Hop
-The color green
-The hope of spring

Feb 26, 2011

It's a Lazy Day Today!

Ever have one of those days where all you want to do is to veg out?  Well, today was one of those for me.  Maybe it is this weather - we took two steps back again to snow and single digit temperatures.  Maybe it's the fact that February (of 2011 no less) is almost over.  Maybe I really am suffering from Cabin Fever!  Whatever the reason, it was a day of movies, and blog browsing, and computer cleanup.  I did, however, make pulled pork today in the slow cooker so I have meals ready for tomorrow!

So, in keeping with the lazy theme, I had to build a Lazy Treasury!

And treat yourself to a lazy day sometimes - it is refreshing!

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Today's Abundance
-Pulled Pork
-Good Movies
-Freed up space on my computer
-Being able to enjoy a lazy day now and again

Feb 24, 2011

Arundel - a.k.a. Running from the Mundane

Today I'm featuring an ETSY shop that is about a year old.  Two sisters -  Ellie and Amy - have teamed up  and opened the arundel ETSY shop.  They recently started a blog too and I just love the name:  Running from the Mundane!

So who are Ellie and Amy?  As they explain it on their ETSY Profile:  "We are two sisters with a passion for music, movies, fashion, books, travel and awesome adventures. With one foot stuck in reality, the other firmly planted in la-la land, we strive to create unique, quality pieces we hope will inspire and intrigue. Recycling is alive and well here at arundel. Many of our necklaces are made with vintage and/or surplus items that are deserving of a second chance. We mix these items with new pieces to create something that is truly one-of-a-kind."

Just take a look at the variety of items these two sisters make!  Wired wrapped necklaces, skirts and dresses, zipper, bobby pins, and eye catching wine bottle stoppers!

And for their blog...  it is truly out-of-the-ordinary and far, far from mundane!  Check out Miniature Belts Have Feelings Too.... or Stepping Out of My Box!  You'll find them to be delightful posts.

Please stop by their shop and their blog for an extraordinary experience!

Have a great day....


Today's Abundance
- Shoveling water - a futile experience in trying to get the end of the driveway cleared of a huge, never ending puddle
-Egg cookers
-Instruction manuals for when the brain freezes up regarding a task done many times
-The unusually fast service from the bank teller today
-Semi non-icy streets to walk on

Feb 22, 2011

Snow Photos!!

Sunday and Monday, we got at least 12 inches of new, fluffy, white snow over the course of the 2 days - it just wouldn't stop snowing!  Now I'm normally a winter person and can take a big snowstorm like this in stride.  However,....  In November we had our first huge snowstorm - I happened to be out driving in it to a Craft Fair early that morning - cars slipping and sliding every which way.  In December we had another monster storm - I stayed in for that one!  In January I was visiting my sister for the day, it started to snow, and it only took me 4+ hours to get home going 40 miles an hour - it is normally an hour and a half drive.  Mother Nature teased us with 40 degree temps last week.  Now we know it was merely to melt some of the 60 inches of snow we've already had this winter to make room for another foot or more!  I think the official count is over 75 inches of snow this season so far!  So I'm on the spring bandwagon and am cheering it on with all of the gusto that I have!  I have had enough of winter this year!

I did take some pictures this morning - it was quite beautiful out!  Temperatures were decent, no wind, and blue skies!  (The blue skies though faded into grey ones by the afternoon as the weather forecast is for more snow on Wednesday!!)

This snowbank was clear up to the backdoor - it was a little tough getting out before  the path was semi-cleared out!  It took 3 passes at the snow to get everything cleaned up decently.  Thank goodness my neighbor comes over and does that for me - he is a terrific neighbor!

Now this is a beautiful site!  I so do like evergreens with fresh powdery snow on the branches!

The snowbanks are so tall in some places that they completely cover the fences!

And look what I found on top of the roof this morning!  Snow that had been whipped into huge snowbanks!  While the lines of the snowbanks and the depth and height of them were amazing and very beautiful against the blue sky  (yes, the winter is getting to me if I think that), it meant that I had to spend the morning raking the snow off the roof so it wouldn't ice up in the coming days.

Well, that's my story for today!  Hope the weatherman is wrong about tomorrow's forecast!

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Today's Abundance
-Snow rakes
-Evergreen trees with lots of powdery snow
-Blue skies
-The hope of spring

Feb 21, 2011

Adult Truths!

Audrey from AudreyGardenLady and a fellow UWIBer sent all of us Adult Truths a couple of days ago!  And where did she get them from - well, she got them from her dear father!  I picked out 10 of my favorites to share with all of you!.

*** Adult Truths ***

1. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.

2. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.

3. There is great need for a sarcasm font.

4. How the *^$# are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?

5. Bad decisions make good stories.

6. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.

7. I think the freezer deserves a light as well.

8. I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger.

9. I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at the front. Stay strong, brothers and sisters!

10. Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever.


And here's a sneak peak at some of the wonderful items that Audrey creates.... be sure to visit her shop for more!

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Today's Abundance
-Watching the puppy frolic in the fresh new snow
-My neighbor who shovels and blows the snow for me so I don't have to frolic in the snow when I take the puppy out
-Another day of crafting
-Drawers and closets full of freshly laundered clothes
-A good nights sleep

Feb 20, 2011

One of a Kind

Yep!  It's time for another Blog Hop sponsored by Paperwings!  The theme for this month is Hostess Sets currently available from The Angel Company.  The Level A Hostess Set that I used is "One of a Kind."  I used my Copics once again for the coloring medium.  It's so much fun to color - I really need to get them out more often than I do.   Be sure to check out the blogs below for more participants and more Hostess Set examples!

Blog Hop Participants
Shirley      http://glitteredpaws.blogspot.com/
Rita            http://ritascreativenest.com/
Angela      http://www.angelakelley.blogspot.com/
Laura N    http://www.thecraftysister.com/
Carol          http://stampincarol.blogspot.com/
Chelsea     http://inkystamps.blogspot.com/
Kerry          http://www.thestampingbughaswings.blogspot.com/
Seleise        http://www.amethystcat.blogspot.com/

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Today's Quote
Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.  Earl Wilson

(p.s.  Another 10-15 inches of snow predicted for today/tomorrow!  We're already over 60 inches for the season.  Think I will get lots of "ignoring" in this year!)

Read more:http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/snow_3.html#ixzz1EWjtyR64

Feb 19, 2011

Karen Terry - a.k.a. JMJ Creations

Karen Terry of JMJ Creations keeps us all afloat over at the Unique Women in Business (UWIB) Etsy Team!  She lets us know when new members have joined, spearheads special promotions on the UWIB Blog, gives us advice, listens to our woes, and still finds time to make awesome jewelry!

Karen says in her ETSY profile, "Jewelry designing has become my passion as well as my hobby. My hope is that you will wear my creations with the same enjoyment and pride as I had making them!"  I know that several pieces have been snatched up by our own UWIB members and I'm sure you will find something that tickles your fancy too!

Here's a sampling of Karen's awesome artistic pieces!

So stop by Karen's shop and browse some more!

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Today's Abundance
-Obedience training is starting to pay off (for the puppy that is, I'm a lost cause!)
-Public Libraries
-Hazelnut Coffee - yummy
-Ziploc Steamer Bags - fresh veggies here I come!
- 1 day closer to spring and warmer weather that will stick around for more than a day or two - snow forecasted for tomorrow!

Feb 17, 2011


Puddles. Puddles. And more puddles!

The warm weather has been so welcomed given the cold, snowy winter we have had. A week or so ago the temperature was -9 in the morning. Today, it was up to 45! So the huge snow banks are shrinking fast. Thus, the multitude of puddles!

The neighborhood kids were either biking or stomping through them today! They were having so much fun! I was having fun too!  When I was out for a walk I noticed these awesome reflections of the trees in the puddles. I turned around, went home, got the camera, and here's what I saw this afternoon!

And what's even more amazing is that in a few short weeks all of the snow will be gone and the trees will have lovely green leaves.  Nature is awesome!!

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Today's Quote
The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.    E.E. Cummings

Feb 15, 2011

Where's My Blogging Mojo?

When I decided to blog everyday a few weeks ago, I made several assumptions:  1) it would be fun, 2) there would always be something to blog about, and 3) it would be a challenge!

My findings...

First, it is fun to blog about something every day!  I vary my subjects and approaches so it doesn't get boring or mundane.  And when I get comments, well, that just makes it all the more fun!

Second, there is always something to write about!  I've written about my puppy (who is just sitting here at the moment staring at me - wonder what he wants!).  I've featured ETSY treasuries.  I've blogged about fellow Etsians.  There are monthly Angel Blog Hops and soon you'll see monthly UWIB (an ETSY Team) Blog Hops!

Third, it is a challenge!  Challenges are good.  There is a discipline to blogging everyday and a feeling of accomplishment when it does get done everyday.  Lately thouogh, I've misplaced my Blogging Mojo and that is straining my discipline of daily blogging.  So the question of the day is: Where or where is my Blogging Mojo?

The weather has warmed up, so my mojo isn't freezing anymore!

The daylight is getting longer, so my mojo can't be suffering from cabin fever!

I've got plenty of topics to write about, so my mojo should be interested in at least one of them!

So where or where is my Blogging Mojo?  Have you seen it?  If you have, please send it home.  I'm thinking about getting the Geo Tagging upgrade for my Mojo so I can find it easier the next time it leaves!

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Today's Abundance
-New found opportunities
-A blog post
-Melting snow and puddles
-Flock of geese heading north
-Temperatures above freezing

Feb 10, 2011

Fashion Week Kickoff

Today is the day that New York City kicks off its Fashion Week to debut fall and winter seasonal lines.  So, it seems appropriate that today's blog should be about fashion!  But before we look ahead to the next few months, I think we should also look back at some vintage fashions from fellow Etsians!  You will find wedding gowns, swimsuits, dresses and more from days past.  You can find more details on each of the below here....

Happy Fashion!!

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Today's Abundance
-Minus 9 this morning, 30 above tomorrow - I can hang on one more day
-Another upcycled tote
-No bills in today's mail
-A quiet, crafty day
- Daily blog post done before the evening sets in!

Feb 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....

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Today's Quote
Never run in the rain with you’re socks on.  ~~Green Day

Feb 8, 2011

Some Bunny Loves Me

A week or so ago I wrote about Upcycling T Shirts into purses and totes.  Well, I just finished another one today and it is just too adorable not to highlight it here!

This is a darling yellow drawstring tote/bag made from an upcycled/recycled girls T-Shirt! The tote has a "Somebunny Loves Me" saying along with a pink and white bunny on the front. The inside is a pink on pink cotton lining. The drawstring and tabs are from a pink, yellow, and white fabric.   I just love it!  And your special little girl will love it too!

This tote is perfect for a change of clothes, for food and snacks, or for toys and other things to keep your special girl occupied on a car ride, a plane ride, during a sporting event, or while visiting family and friends.

And it was especially nice working on this today as it reminds me of spring and green grass and flowers and fresh warm air.  Much different than the cold, cold, cold, day we are experiencing!

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Today's Quote
Carrots are devine... You get a dozen for a dime, It's maaaa-gic! - Bugs Bunny

Feb 7, 2011

Pink Is In!

Well, I have failed miserably that last few days by not blogging daily.  I blame it on the snow and cold (I am a winter fan but even I have had enough!) and all of the busy-ness of the last few days.

So, here I am blogging away once again as I am getting caught up on the To-Do List!  Since Pink is in these days with Valentine's being just a week away, I thought I'd feature pink things today!

My first pink thing is from Josy Card Co!  What girl wouldn't want this hat for her party?

And here's something for your puppy dog from CrazyForCollars!

Love grapefruit?  Well then, this Pink Grapefruit and Ginger Handmade Soap from SacredSuds is for you!

And Mary's photographs from MaryFosterCreative are always a favorite of mine!

Want more pink?  What about this necklace from LoveStruckJewelry?

And what about me?  Yep - I have some pink to offer too!

And that's it for the pink today!

Thanks for stopping by....


Today's Abundance
-Pink M&M's
-Pink Ribbon
-Pink Lemonade
-Pink Peonies
-Remembering the 1957 Pink Chevrolet Car

Feb 2, 2011

Had Enough?

This says it all....

Have a great day!  Stay warm and dry!


Today's Abundance
-The warmth of inside
-Warm boots
-Hot cocoa
- Chocolate


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