Jan 9, 2011


Football mania and frenzy abound as professional football begins their playoffs with the endpoint being a new Super Bowl champion in February!  As I was buying groceries today, I noticed that carts were filled with chips, chili makings, pop, beer, and all kinds of other snacks for the football parties and get togethers.  I suspect this scene will repeat itself over and over again until the champion is crowned.

While some of our favorite teams are still around, many are not!  We may find substitute teams to cheer for if our favorite is sitting at home watching the playoffs themselves.  Our we may pine away for our team that didn't make it.  Well, I'm the later.  I miss my team - Team Rusty!  Here's Team Rusty in action...

Here's Team Rusty holding onto the ball tightly so the other team can't steal it away at the end of the play!

This is Team Rusty's famous "bite" defense!

At halftime, Team Rusty listens intently to the coach for game play strategy in the 2nd half!

Unfortunately, Team Rusty lost their chance to enter the playoffs because of this penalty!  Can you see it?

Here's a closeup - the sticking out of the tongue at the referee is against the rules and comes with a hefty penalty that Team Rusty couldn't overcome!  Ah....  maybe next year!

Enjoy the Playoffs!!

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Today's Quote
"Men, I want you just thinking of one word all season.  One word and one word only:  Super Bowl."
by Houston Oilers Head Coach Bill Peterson.

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