Jan 29, 2011

National Puzzle Day

Every January 29th is National Puzzle Day!  There are all kinds of puzzles - crossword puzzles, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, brain-teasers, and more.  There are simple puzzles and complex puzzles.  Puzzles for the novice and puzzles for the expert.  Young and old alike are fascinated with puzzles.  Puzzles are fun.  Puzzles can be a challenge.  Puzzles can pass the time.  And puzzles certainly work the brain and keeps it sharp.  Did you do a puzzle today?

Here are some puzzles to enjoy...

Want to find out more about these puzzles?  Then just follow this link....

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Today's Abundance
-The neighbor boy waving to me from the picture window as I am walking the puppy outside
-The wonderful smell of Pulled Pork being slowly cooked in the crock pot
- A nice stack of finished potholders
- Sudoko and Jigsaw Puzzles - my favorites

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