Jan 11, 2011

The Meaning of Life

Back in August I pointed my readers to a You Tube Video called "The Meaning of Life." As I sat down to compose tonight's post for whatever reason I kept thinking about it and the messages it delivered.  For the creator of the video, the meaning of life is:

-Be happy
-Show up
-Follow your heart
-Find a new perspective
-Have a sense of wonder
-Find people you love
-Set goals
-Help others
-Pamper yourself
-Face your fears
-Go to a museum
-Limit television
-Get in touch with nature
-Lighten up
-Get a good night's sleep
-Read books
-Buy yourself flowers
-Dont' compare yourself to others
-Don't beat yourself up
-Be open to new ideas
-Don't focus on negative thoughts
-Focus on creating what you desire
-Make time just to have fun
-Keep the romance in your life
-Make a gratitude list
-Love your Mother Earth
-Want what you have
-Be true to yourself

How do you define the meaning of life?

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Today's Abundance
-Enjoying a new habit - listening to audio books while crafting
-Walking the puppy - even when it is snowing
-Making this abundance list
-Crossing off 3 major things on the to-do list today
-Attending the quilt guild meeting - such inspiration

1 comment:

Japip said...

Thanks for posting this - I am going to copy it and make it my wallpaper on my Nook. BTW I love listening to audio books while crafting!


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