Jan 10, 2011

It's Snowing Again!

It has been lightly snowing here all day with the temperatures in the 20's.  Throughout the midwest and southeast there has been more snow, ice, sleet, and wind!  Schools have been closed.  Commutes have been hectic.  And car crashes and spinouts have been numerous.

So I got to thinking.  What have we experienced in the past on January 10 for weather here in Minnesota?  After some research (a.k.a. googling the internet) I found the "Blizzard of the Century."

On January 10, 1975, Minnesota experienced the  "Blizzard of the Century" as the pressure dropped to 28 something.  The snow started to fall in the midwest on January 10 and continued for 2 days resulting anywhere from a foot of snow to a high of 27 inches in Riverton, Minnesota.  Winds were anywhere from 30 - 50 miles per hour and gusts of 70 - 90 miles per hour were recorded.  Tornadoes were prevalent in the more southern states.  Sadly,  58 people died and over 100,000 farm animals were lost throughout the midwest.

The storm has also been dubbed the "Superbowl Blizzard" as many people, including those stranded wherever, watched the Vikings lose the Super Bowl on the 12th.  The Vikings lost 16 - 6 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The game was played at the Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

However, even though winter can be cold, and miserable, and cruel, it can also be very beautiful - just look at this photo from PenguinPalace:

So, keep smiling while you're shoveling... (we will be complaining about the hot & humid summer weather fairly soon!)

Thanks again for stopping by!


Today's Abundance
-Light fluffy snow
-A puppy who loves playing in the snow
-Chocolate Chip Cookies
-A quilt that's ready to quilt on the quilting frame
-Puppy and cat once again napping side-by-side

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Erin said...

Wow this is so cool! Thanks for thinking of me and featuring my picture! I'm so proud!


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