Dec 14, 2010

Fine Art by Robin Maria Pedrero

Robin is one of my favorite artists!  I love how she uses color to capture life and nature!  Her ablility to use color definitely makes her work stand out. The use of relationships, stories and mystery in her work, entices viewers.  Robin's art, indeed, is original.  Her pieces are unique;  they are one of a kind.  From her original work, Robin makes prints and limited edition giclees.

In her ETSY shop, RobinMariaPedrero, you will find Robin's prints and art on products.  What are art on products?  They are fine art bags and accessories, mugs, and cards.  Occasionally, you will find her original art pieces too!

My favorite piece of art that Robin has created is Grazing Beneath a Garnet Sky.  I have this print and I also have one of Robin's newest accessories, a  Pouch Key Ring, that uses this piece of art.

Her Good Vibes print, is uplifting and cheerful - aren't the falling leaves, ascending foliage and bird rising above towards the sun simply breathtaking.

And then we also have Breath of Cooler Air.  What a delightful piece to remind of us of the cooler air and changing colors of fall.

And what has helped Robin be successful with her online business?  Robin's advice is to work with ETSY teams, be kind to one another, help each other grow and learn the business of online sales.  These things have helped Robin tremendously in becoming a successful Etsian.

Want to see and/or hear more from Robin?  Here's where you can find her!
ETSY Shop - RobinMariaPedrero
Facebook Page -
Twitter -

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Maria Soto Robbins said...

Robin is wonderful! Truly a gifted artist, excellent uwib and a very nice person!

kirsten said...

I love and personally have some of Robin's work in my home! She's wonderfully talented! Rita, I wish you a very happy holiday season! Best wishes for a Happy New year!


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