Dec 3, 2010

Did You Know??

Now that the 2010 Craft Show Season is over and I'm finally recovering from the Post-Craft-Show-Syndrome, I have found some time to catch up and dig into a number of things that I've been wanting to do with my ETSY Store, Twitter, Facebook, and blog.  And what I'm finding out is just amazing...

So, did  you know....

1.  If you have 25 or more followers on Facebook, you can easily direct someone to your page by setting a username for it rather than copying all of those letters/numbers in the url.  The only caveat is you can only set it once.   Here's the link to accomplish that,

2.  You can track the ETSY search words that buyers are using to get to your listings in Google Analytics.  Here's how.... (see item 2)

3.  TweetDeck,, is a personal real-time browser that shows you activity in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more.  It is a quick, easy, single view of your key social-media resources and lists.   Thanks Robin!!

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