Oct 15, 2010

Today's Mystery (a.k.a. How'd this get here?)

Bread on a fence!  That's a new one!  How did this piece of bread get up on this chain link fence that sits between I and the neighbor?  Neither I nor the neighbor did it.  It's not a place that neighborhood kids can get to easily.  I saw a cat up on the fence a few days ago but would a cat jump up there with a piece of bread?  Did the squirrels do it?  And, if so, why did they leave it?  Maybe they scurried away when I came out to walk the puppy.  Is that why I hear one scolding me from the tree?  And if it was the squirrels, where did they get the piece of bread?  It is a perfectly good piece (i.e. it isn't moldy or anything like that).  And where were they taking it too?  Why over the middle of the fence where there's no easy access to trees or bushes?  And, how on earth did that piece of bread ever manage not to fall down onto the ground but rather just stay sitting on top of the fence?  Oh, what questions I have!  Will the mystery ever be solved?  How do you think it got there?


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Today's Abundance
-Being able to enjoy the small mysteries of life!
-A beautiful fall day, albeit many of the colorful leaves are now on the ground.
-An energetic, loving puppy
- A To-Do List that is actually shorter at the moment than it was this morning!
-Leftovers (better go heat them up now for lunch)

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