Jun 12, 2010

When It Rains!

It's another rainy day here in this part of Minnesota!  We need the rain and we've been fortunate in having nice soaking rains rather than storms and bad weather.  So what do we do when it rains?  We put on our raincoats.  We grab our umbrellas.  We play in the puddles.  We watch the raindrops accumulate on some of natures finest creations! And we look for the rainbows as the clouds move out and the sun moves in!  If you have any doubts about this, just take a look.....

To take a closer look, you can go to this treasury:  http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c1420a1310f6d9187cd858c/when-it-rains

And now I'm off to change into some dryer clothes as I forgot my raincoat, umbrella, and rain boots while running errands today!

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Today's Abundance
-A nice soaking rain
-The farmers market - home grown peas and strawberries
-A good workout
-Pink and Black
-Thrift Stores


rachel said...

Lovely treasury! I love your blog, lots of fun stuff!
Thank you for including one of our items in this fun list :-)))

Lynne (Artbylmr) said...

I was away and jsut got your message - thanks, Rita - for including me - love it!

Danielle at Chilly Paws said...

What an imaginative idea for a treasury. I love the ducks! Well done.


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