May 30, 2010

Ziggy Is Here

Ziggy is staying with me for a few days while his humans are out and about enjoying camping and canoeing.  He likes to eat, sleep, bark, and generally likes to take walks with me.  Finding trees is his favorite past time when walking although he occasionally confuses a metal post for a tree!  Squirrels get him excited.  And despite many disappointments, he remains optimistic that someday he will get to play with the ducks and the geese in the neighborhood pond!

He joined me for awhile outside this morning while I worked in the flower beds.  Of course, I grabbed the camera before I got too hot and sweaty!

Isn't he irresistible?

Now you may ask what does Ziggy have to do with creativity?  After all, this blog is supposed to be "a gathering place for all things creative!"  Well, I do have the answer for that!  Ziggy was the inspiration for a card I made.  It was the first card I ever sent to a card magazine for publication - I was absolutely thrilled to see it published (June/July 2006 edition of Simply Sentiments).  Since I sent in a self-addressed stamped envelope when I mailed it in, I did get the card back.  I framed it and it is now proudly displayed in my home.

Aptly enough, the greeting on the card is "I Pug You."  Did you notice that the "u" in pug has a heart background?  The pug stamp is from The Angel Company, although it is now retired.  I embossed the image in black and then used water color crayons for the coloring.  The words are from a Sizzix alphabet.  Notice the corner punches and the skinny black lines that intersect at each corner punch.  Well, those skinny black lines are one of my favorite embellishments - scrappers floss!

Have you created something with a dog theme - a card, a scrapbook page, a pendant, a dog collar, a purse or tote, a photo, or whatever?  If you would like to share and if you would like to be featured on my blog, just leave a comment below along with a link to your blog or ETSY (or other online) store to your item.  I will post a blog with all submissions, create a poll, and whoever gets the most votes will be featured here!  Not only will I blog about the winner's handmade passions, but I will also post your avatar and/or your winning entry right where my avatar is today (the upper right hand corner of the blog!) for a week!  Please leave your links below by the end of the day on Wednesday June 2.

Can't wait to see your dog-themed handmade creations!

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Today's Quote
I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.
Will Rogers


Debbi said...

Great Post!! I wish I could make some cool items like you ladies!

Danielle at Chilly Paws said...


I like to take my dogs along while running errands - I think they should be able to ride in comfort and style. My original shopping cart cover design is just perfect for those pet friendly store.

This shopping cart cover is all about puppies - Puppies Everywhere.

Julie B. said...

What a sweet face! Ziggy sounds like a real charmer. I love the card you made, Rita.
Here is one of several dog art cards I create and sell:

I love the new look of your blog, too Rita!

Suzanne in TX said...

Hi Rita! Ziggy is so, so adorable. Pugs make the BEST models for my collars~~sadly, Booda, my avatar model now lives hours away from us so you don't see him in any of my listings anymore.
Of course, I guess I could submit any of my dog collars as a submission, but I thought I might choose this one, since it has a bit more of a "dog theme". It is a "staple" in my Etsy shop and proves to still be a favorite:

Thank you for this opportunity to share this item with your readers.

Maria Soto Robbins said...

Looks like you're enjoying the time with Ziggy and what a cute inspiration! I love pugs!

Danielle at Chilly Paws said...

Here's an item specially for your sweet Ziggy!

Audrey said...

What a sweet face! He is lucky to have a caring friend to watch him while his owners are away. Maybe he won't miss them as much.

aka AudreyGardenLady

Theresa B said...

Fun idea!

I've got a Jack Russell, and love all dogs. Most of the items I've made for her didn't work out so well, but there is one little sweater that not only fits her, but she totally tolerates it AND it matches a hat I made for myself.

Theresa B (Egret Effects)

Sarah Bober said...

What a cute puppy you have! Here's my dog item submission...
The dog in the photo is my puppy, Kia. She loves modeling!
Thanks for this great opportunity!


Kim Sears said...

Awww He's so CUTE!

Heidi Hihn said...

Great card... it reminds me of Suki our old pug!!!

Julie Robinson said...

Ziggy is ADORABLE! And - the card - I love it! I remember - it was your first contest winner!

It’s A Dog’s World « Rita's Creative Nest said...

[...] thanks to the 5 visitors who left me a dog related link in their comments for the Ziggy is Here post!  As promised, I am featuring them here.  Also, please vote for your favorite – see [...]


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