Jan 18, 2010

Need a Dog Collar?

I have fond memories of the dogs that I grew up - mostly collies but I remember a terrier too.  The terrier didn't like being an outside dog.  He spent every night jumping up on the front door waiting to be let in.  But no such luck; but oh was he persistent!   There was the puppy that joined us for only a few days as he was run over - a sad, sad day - especially for a little girl who adored him.  I loved romping with the dogs when I was outside playing and pretending and imagining the world beyond our small community.

Even though I have no dogs at the moment, I find myself drawn to Suzanne's web site and ETSY store.  Her collars are adorable, are available in a wide range of colors, and she has them for small dogs and big dogs.  This black lab is modeling one of her most recent creations!  Now isn't this the perfect Valentine's gift for you favorite 4 legged friend!

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