Jan 10, 2010

Minnesota Green

I grabbed a Treasury West today!

The challenging part of grabbing a treasury is being on the ETSY Treasury page when it opens up!  Once that is done, then I decide on a theme which kicks off the fun part:  hunting for items that match the theme.  Sometimes the theme is a color, like this one.  Sometimes it is an object, like buttons or cars or guitars.

I try to alternate the treasuries between the ETSY teams that I belong to.  Occasionally, I will also create them without a specific team in mind.

Minnesota Green is for the HandmadeMN Street Team!  As you can tell from this treasury we have a wide variety of artists in this team!  Look at the prints, the napkins, the potholders, the jewelery, the bags, the scarf, and the reusable lunch and snack bags.  If you are from Minnesota please consider joining the team.

I hope you have time to visit the shops included in this treasury.  I know everyone would enjoy some company!

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