Jan 31, 2010

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day - January 31

Everyday there is something to celebrate, even January 31!  Did you know that January 31 is "Inspire Your Heart with Art" day?  Because art inspires your heart, your mind, and your soul, this day is all about experiencing and appreciating all of the art in your life. Be sure to check out these 3 fantastic artists!   And as you look through their collections ask yourself  "What are these pieces telling me?  How do they make me feel?"  "What emotions do their works bring to the surface?"

First is Robin Maria Pedrero.   Robin is acknowledged for her luminous and captivating work.  She is an established award winning artist and has been widely published in magazines, newspapers, documentaries, and news broadcasts. Robin makes magic with color!  One of my favorite paintings of Robin's is Grazing Beneath a Garnet Sky because it reminds me of simpler times.

Next is Julie A. Brown of Wabi Brook Studio.  Her hand-crafted designs reflect the beautifully simple organic shapes and colors of nature.   Julie's art demonstrates her respectful celebration of this wonderful planet and the creatures that live on it.  She frequently uses materials that are re-claimed and re-cycled, so that you can embrace your love of the land with nature-inspired, eco-friendly, fine art and artisan jewelery.  I especially like her Heading Home Black and White Photograph.  As a child, I always wanted a horse (never got one though).  They are beautiful, majestic creatures!

Kristen Stein is an award-winning Contemporary Artist living in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region. Kristen creates a wide-range of contemporary styles suitable for all rooms in the house. Her original paintings, handmade crafts, and framed prints are a must see.  Check out one of her latest paintings - Autumn Tree Landscape Painting.  Fall is my favorite season and Kristen's trees remind me all that is good with nature!

 Enjoy your art hop!  Thanks for stopping by...


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