Nov 23, 2009

Inspirational Tile Magnets

Craft Fair season is coming to an end!  I have only one more show to go and it'll be a wrap for this year.  The past six weeks have been hectic but exhilarating!  I had two awesome shows, a few good ones, and one dud!  The two awesome shows made a huge dent in my inventory so I have been busily making more in between shows. 

One of my latest items for Craft Fairs are these 2"x2" Tile Magnets.  The inspiration for creating these came from two very good friends - Ellie Jacobson and Christine Pennington!! Both of them make and sell a variety of tile art work too!  So thank you for the nudge....

I call these my Inspirational Tile Magnets because I absolutely love these words!  They are great on the fridge to hold messages, to do lists, photos, groceries, errands, or whatever.  Use them at your office too!.  They have a very strong magnet on the back and stick extremely well.

These words are from the Flourish Trees of Hope stamp set!!

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Today's Abundance

-Good friends

-My sister

-A quiet day (it's been a nice change of pace)

-Dreams of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberries

-The mailman - lots of goodies were dropped off today

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