Jun 7, 2009

Stuffed Paper Teddy Bear

I created this Stuffed Paper Teddy Bear as part of the Home Decor Blog Hop on PaperWings!

You may recognize the plaid paper as part of the Toodle Loo Collection! The Teddy Bear is 8 inches high and 7 1/2 inches wide. I curled the antique copper wire so it can hang on the wall of a baby's room. This adorable Teddy Bear would also make a great Christmas Tree decoration using ribbon instead of the wire! After cutting out two bodies - one for the front and one for the back - I used a Micron Pen for the faux stitching around the body. Then I distressed it with Burnt Umber Palette Ink.

Then it was onto the face. Once again I used the Micro pen to add the eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows. The white highlights for the eyes and nose were created with the White Extreme Gel Pen to . At this point, I spread a light coat of modge podge to give the the paper a sheen. Once dry, I glued the front and back edges together with Zip Dry Paper Glue. I started with the lower body and once it was glued and set, I stuffed it lightly to give it a 3rd dimension (it's hard to see the raised effect of the stuffing on these pictures.) I then repeated this for the middle section and finally the head.

And for the finishing touches, I strung scrappers floss through 2 Topical Multi Colored Buttons and glued them to the middle body. Then I used Lemonade Blossoms and Buttons , and the scrappers floss to create the embellishment for the ear!

I learned a few things while making the Teddy Bear. First, The Gel Pen smeared slightly when I applied the modge podge. However, I also discoverd that the Micron pen covered it again so I didn't have to start over. Secondly, stuffing paper is different then stuffing fabric that's been sewn together! The trick, I believe is patience. That is, give the glue enough time to set well so it really adheres before stuffing it!

Hope you enjoy this Home Decor Creation. Check out these creations for more Home Decor ideas from fellow PaperWings Members (all will be posted by 8 pm EST on Sunday June 7)!

Rita W (stamp2stamp2) - http://stamp2stamp2.blogspot.com/

Happy Stamping and Scrapping


Today's Abundance

- The duckings waddling behind Mom Duck

-The peonies have blossomed - they are beautiful

-My nephew's high school graduation

-Fish shaped oven mitts

-The nice soaking rain - even if it came on the weekend - we need it

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