Mar 13, 2008

My Other Passion

In addition to stamping and crafting, I also love to quilt. So today I'm posting one of my latest creations - a Chicken Tote Bag!

Happy Stamping and Scrapping (and Quilting too!)

Today's Abundance

-The neighborhood cardinals are frolicking about in the back yard. They are super bright red against the sunshine and (melting) snow.

-The temperatures in the 50's for 2 days now.

-A successful spring boutique.

Mar 4, 2008

Easter M&M Candy Jars

These cute jars were inspired by Jenny Harvey. Jenny did hers in a Valentine's theme using red hot candies.

These use the pastel colored M&Ms that can be found around Easter time. The mini hex jars are from

Use Date Disks from The Angel Company on the lid to highlight the day being celebrated. The sides of the jars are stamped with Brilliance Ink. Add some ribbons and tags and you have a delightful addition to that Easter Basket!!

Make these for holidays, birthdays, and other special events. They are a quick and fun project to make.
Happy Stamping and Scrapping...

Today's Abundance
-A very supportive sister who puts up with my wild and crazy ideas
-M&Ms - any season, any color!!
-Cleaning out the old to make room for the new
-A hint of spring (will it ever come??)


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