Jan 7, 2008

Valentine Nugget Tin and More

My last post was a Valentine's Card made from the Angel Company's Mimi Paper and Love Doodles stamp set. I have expanded on that and now have a few more items using the same paper and stamps.

The Nugget Tin is a favorite of mine - but then it has chocolate in it so naturally it is a favorite!!

The mini album is made from a single sheet of cardstock and is then embellished with Mimi paper and stamps and tags. The mini album has a front and back cover, 4 inside pages to scrap, and a pocket to store extra photos. My niece and nephew are the stars of the album!!

I also made a cute little 3x3 gift card to round off the collection.

Hmmm... wonder what I'll add in the future?

Today's Abundance
-A January thaw that has lasted through the weekend.
-The purring of my cat as I scratch her under the chin.
-The new found space after doing a deep clean in my craft room - now if it would only stay that way!
-The renewed sense of hope as we begin a new year.

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