Dec 18, 2007

Simply Christmas Candle

Here's another stamped candle that I made using the Simply Christmas stamp set from The Angel Company. Notice that the reindeer is reversed! It's the same stamp - I just flipped the image.

Here's how I was taught to stamp candles from none other than Missy Olson.

Supplies Needed

1. Candle, white or ivory work best

2. Heat Gun

3. Tissue Paper

4. Dye Ink

5. Wax Paper

6. Markers


1. With dye ink, stamp your image on tissue paper. Color with markers if desired.

2. Cut around the image leaving a bit of tissue paper around the edges of the image.

3. Place the tissue paper on the candle.

4. Take wax paper and place over the image and around the back of the candle twisting it in the back so you have a firm grip for the next step. Be sure the wax paper is smoothed out over the image.

5. Apply heat to the image with the heat gun. You will be melting the candle wax slightly so that the tissue paper adheres once it is cools.

6. Take the wax paper off and cool.

Some Tips

1. Plan on practicing.

2. Apply one image at a time. At least I found that applying multiple images at the same time was difficult to maneuver with the heat gun and wax paper.

3. If the candle wax starts to run, you're applying too much heat.

4. If you have an image with words, be extra careful to place the image the right way on the candle - i.e. you don't want the words backwards.

5. Some images, like the reindeer, will lend themselves to being placed either way on the candle.

6. Have lots of fun......

Today's Abundance

-The color red - it is so festive, especially this time of year.

-UPS and the Post Office.

-This year's Knit Holiday Stamps!

-The chili that is simmering on the stove for tomorrow's big lunch at work

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