Nov 13, 2007

Scrapbook In A Box

Have you made a Scrapbook in a Box yet? They hold up to 24 pictures and make a delightful memory for anyone. Perfect gifts for grandmas, grandpas, siblings, teachers, coaches, best friends, godparents, and anyone else for whom you would like to give a memorable keepsake.

This Scrapbook in a Box is made from the Mimi Soar With It Paper Collection from The Angel Company. It features my lovely daughter from birth through her wedding day!

I offer Scrapbook in a Box workshops. You can also order a kit from me which includes all of the patterned paper, cardstock, embellishments, and ribbon. Contact me for details.

Happy Stamping and Scrapping

Today's Abundance

-The fall leaves dancing in the wind.

-The flock of geese gracefully flying in formation.

-Customer Service from The Angel Company.

-Winning the football pool (understand I know very little about football so this indeed was an unexpected gift)

-Sharing the football pool winnings via 1st class donuts and danish with the football group.

-Successful craft fairs.

-Anticipation of Thanksgiving Day, good company, and good food.

Nov 2, 2007

Photo Holders

Take a chipboard coaster and
a jumbo binder clip

Add paper and ribbon and embellishments

Top it off with a photo

And what do you have?

You have the most adorable Photo Holder!!

This one uses TAC's Uptown Girl paper.

Today's Abundance List
-The change of seasons
-An extra hour of sleep this weekend
-My cuddly cats who pester me whenever they aren't napping
-Baby showers and the excitement of first time moms
-Flu shots


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