Sep 2, 2007


The long to-do list for this long weekend is a bit shorter than it was on Friday evening! The leaky shower head has been replaced by a new one. Yeah me!! The craft room, which I'm constantly reorganizing, is once again chaotic while I put in a new shelf, combine supply boxes, and also index and cut up some of those new stamps.

The craft sale supplies that I've been accumulating last few months are now out and are waiting to turned into gifts for a special recipient that I will never meet!

And if stamping and scrapping doesn't keep me busy enough I'm also getting ready for a quilt retreat in a few weeks. My sister and I went fabric shopping today and, of course, found much more than what was on our lists. I'm sure that only happens to us!

This card is made from the Heart-itude stamp set. The flowers that are wrapped with the red ribbon are adhered with foam tape.

Happy Stamping and Scrapping,

Today's Abundance List
-My sister
-A magnificent flock of geese gliding effortlessly through the summer sky
-A Shower head that doesn't leak
-Beautiful late summer day - 80 degrees and sunny

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